• hace 13 meses


    Very good lesson/ series!

  • hace 16 meses


    Thanks Mark, I love how you keep going back and going through the really sinks in...keep it up.

  • hace 3 años


    This is a great series, thanks for these videos Mark.  

    Rd3 was interesting but as others have mentioned it doesn't work. e4 also doesn't seem to do much because it can just be met with Rfd1, and that seems to give a slightly better end game to white, at least with computer play on both sides. It would be nice to see how black could make a little more of that position (the computer just recommends fxe3+ but again leading to basically a drawn end game). Maybe there is something better prior to this move? 

  • hace 4 años


    This is great, but not complete in my opinion. Theres a very popular response after Nf3 d5 and it is not covered. The move is e3. Maybe its not the best, but its natural and should be mentioned.

  • hace 4 años


    Brilliant lecture!! I'm sure as a Nimzo player this will help me in my otb games, great work definitely looking forward to part 3 Cool

  • hace 4 años


    thx mark

  • hace 4 años

    MI Nezhmet

    At 21:02 if black puts his rook on d3 White can simply take the rook with the Queen.

  • hace 4 años


    Thanks for the series. I love your confidence about black's position and opportunities in these lines. I'm playing the Nimzo regularly now so this series was perfect!

  • hace 4 años


    Can't wait for part 3!Thanks.

  • hace 4 años


    Great instruction. I do not usually play the Nimzo but the treatment and analysis Mark gives in his lectures is helpful even to those who do not play this opening. I am looking forward to the next installment 

  • hace 4 años


    IM Ginsburg, At one time in my life I was a much stronger player than I am now... I enjoyed very much your talk on the lines of the Nimzo, I think this one lesson was well worth the fee.... I would like to play it against D4.  All the best to you in this holiday season and have a wonderful new year.

  • hace 4 años


    at 21:02, ...Rd3? isn't a good move because of the continuation 2.Qxd3 cxd3 3. Rxc5 Rxc5 and after 4.Bxd3, white is doing completely fine. However, after the amusing e4 move, ...Rd3 is prepared, for if Qxd3 on the next move, exd3 wins on the spot.

  • hace 4 años


    I see that too. ...Rd3! is a winner. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

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