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    at 4minutes and 34 seconds cant white move nd2?

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    Hi Sam, 

    There seems to be an error in your evaluation. At 4.15, after 8.cxd5 Rd8 9. d6 Qxc5, one possible continuation which you missed is 10. dxe7 Rxe1 11.Nxe1 and here the queen is forced to take the rook because of the mate threat 11. ...Qxc1 12. Bxc1 and white is up a piece

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    I never play the QGD from the black side but it's always good to know what tricks to expect from my opponent, and watching your lectures is definately helping my chess overall! 

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    BxB, PxB almost forced

    Qb5 with multiple threats to W

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    Thanks for this continuation of the queen gambit decline.

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    I would recommend e5, then Ke7 no matter what white plays. If you lose you're a man, if you win you're a genius. Good video Shankland, how's your cat doing?

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    i have no idea waht i am learnig but oh well 

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    receipt1 way to obtain an advantage as white with Bf4, unless Black makes a significant mistake.  A valuable DVD because it puts this portion of the QGD in perspective.  White apparently has to be alert to the possibility of a significant error by Black, or settle for an equal game.

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    good video, although some coverage of 6. e3 Nbd7 7. c5 would probably have been more relevant than some of the forced lines after 6. a3 or Rc1.

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    tell me how to create a plan.

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