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    Hopefully will bounce back!!

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    Thanks for not retiring, not like that. Never let someone embarrass you to the point of retiring, not my coach. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track.

    And thanks for showing us that game, it was very instructive.

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    NM Chop-That-Wood

    Thanks for sharing, your comments are always interesting and to the point. I particularly liked the personal aspect to this game. It would be a shame to stop competing. I guess if you keep playing you will supply yourself with plenty more high quality wins (and *maybe* the odd loss) to coach with. That seems reason enough to me!

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    It's a game. I think if you still enjoy playing competitive chess you shouldn't let one poor end game have so much influence over your future. It's a lesson, yes. But I know from what you said that you teach your students to learn from lessons and play on. Your videos are some of the best here because of the way you explain the ideas behind each move in a logical way. I hope you will reconsider your decision to hang up the gloves. I'm looking forward to more of your instructional videos as well.

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    Thanks for sharing this game. Your honesty, good sportsmanship, and graciousness are a standard for us all to strive for.

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    thanks you Grandmaster.

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    Gannicus, after Rd8+, Rxd8, Bxd8, Black can play Ke8-d7 and round up the White pawns and Bishop with his King and Rook.

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    Good of you to open up ot us.  Must have been psycological desire to be a great coach and teacher!!!  Go for it, we enjoy learning from you !

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    GM GMMelik

    Thank you guys for support. I will fight,,I'll do my best! Just recently won American Open.,soon you would see nice games.


    GM Melik.

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    at 12:00 Why doesn't c6-c7 win? It would seem to at least get the exchange back.


    Passed pawns must be pushed!


    Amended Question. Better still, as 12:00 why not

    r-d8+ rxr
    bxr and then c6-c7? 

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    I'm not a student of the game.  I spend a little time trying to improve, but a relatively insignificant amount.

    Even at my earthworm level, when I lose a won position, I can hardly stand myself.  I can't possibly imagine a GM's feeling in such a position.

    I have often sworn to never play chess again after such an experience.  How devastating that must be to a GM.

    GM Melikset, I appreciate your being willing to share that experience with us.

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    As far as the US championship goes, their loss is our gain. I always look forward to your clear analysis, GM Khachiyan.

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    at 12:56 in the video when Melik finally plays Ka2... wouldn't c7 have been crushing there? or am I mistaken?

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    "This above all: to thine own self be true" is Polonius's last piece of advice to his son from Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78-82.  Pretty good advice.

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    I really appreciate a different kind of styles of moves in this lecture. Thanks!

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    Wow.  This was a very powerful video because of the personal implications and soul searching ... Well all I can say is that your teaching has made and is making a huge and positive influence on us.  So thanks so much for deciding to become a trainer and coach because you will be remembered as one of the best! 

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    Dear Melik,

    Wow!  Great game!  I don't believe any of your post game realizations are accurate.  This game was just an experience that shows that you lost some of your zeal or hunger to win.  It had nothing to do with preparation.  Your position was winning.  At some point your mind just got lazy!  You lost the zeal and hunger to completely dominate.  It happens to all of us.  Don't wimp out and make such a reactive decision just because you had an unfortunate result. 

             The game was just an experience, it had no meaning.  "You" gave this game some significant meaning by trying to recognize the game as some grand symbolic sign that should have you "change your path".  "You", "I", all of us give meaning to our experiences.  You chose the "meaning" of this game.   Why not choose an empowering meaning?  One that reinvigorate you and sharpens your senses.  Reignites that hunger to dominate with every move instead of becoming complacent.  Come on Melik!! Let's continue the fight!  I want to see more of your videos as a fighter who shares his lessons via these instructive videos.  Lets do it!!


    John Gillet

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    Congratulations to GM Khachiyan for recognizing it was time to adjust his path in life.  His move was in sharp contrast to those in many professions who don't know when it's time to move on to other goals.

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