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    NM Darkbluelord

    at 12:08 Roman says "go back to a8 with rook" but can't black just win a pawn with Nxe4! there? ...fxe4 Bxb5 and white cannot recapure due to pin on C file.

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    Great Series! At approximately 9:00 is it possible for black to play Bxe4 instead of Bxa2? 

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    I had never viewed or read any instructional material from GM Dzindzichasvili.  For some reason I was under the impression they would be quick but not comprehensive works.

    I WAS WRONG !!

    I should have used them. has blown my perception I had of it out of the water.

    This video just made me an instant advocate of this line.  I never seriously adopted 1... c5 as Black in my repertoire because it seemed dull and the type of positions were always defending the positional crunch White may obtain.

    GM Dzi...   You inspired me through this video to play 1... c5 for a win in my style.

    I am mainly, until now, a 1... e5 player vs the English, and will continue to use it, but I can't wait to learn more and eventually adopt 1.. c5 for good.

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    It doesn't seem like the key position is one that is talked about in the video.

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    Great video - I've always liked the Maroczy setup for white but I like your system against it simply because you go for material imbalance but get a great initiative and that definitely appeals here!

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    thanks for showing me a lot better moves to do in chess sorry i didn't get to watch all of it because i don't have unlimited access

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    My first moment so let me explore may be later I ll have some thing to say.

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    Thank you Roman!  I love the presentation!  I especially love the fast play and development on the queenside coordinating with creating a potential outpost on c5.

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    Thank you GM Roman... as usual it is excellent presentation. clear and concise.

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