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  • Opening Failures And How to Avoid Them

    The member yoavb2 said: “I read your ‘How to Reassess Your Chess 4th’ but fail in the opening, which makes me start with a disadvantage. How can I fix it?” ANSWER:  I looked at several of your games (whil... | Leer más

  • Why Chess Players Blunder (Part 2)

    Part 1 of our previous instalment offered a theoretical framework for blunders. This second part suggests a way to combat impulsiveness and blunder-tendencies. Chess players are often encouraged to read chess books and watch DVDsto improvetheir ... | Leer más

  • How To Use A Chess Computer

    Whether you are a Luddite or technophile, the importance of being able to successfully collaborate with a chess computer cannot be overstated. In every stage and aspect of the game — opening preparation, endgame theory, game analysis&... | Leer más

  • No Balance, No Success

    I get countless questions that ask about taste in chess (No, don’t eat the pieces!). Taste, in this case, refers to a preference for positional or tactical situations. (However, if you MUST eat the pieces, please buy a chess cake or a ches... | Leer más

  • Vishy Anand And The Semi-Slav Defense

    Like Veselin Topalov, Viswanathan Anand became FIDE world champion by virtue of his victory in a world championship tournament -- this one held in Mexico City, 2007. However, the chess public, which has always tended to see the championship changi... | Leer más

    • May 2016 Prodigy Program

      Registration for the May 2016 month of the Prodigy Program is open for our 900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+ Elo sections. Newly crowned U.S. Women's National Champion IM Nazí Paikidze will start contributing to the Prodigy Program this month. Regist... | Leer más

      • GeniusKJ
      • | 4 may. 2016
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    • Learning from the Elders, Part 1- Rook on the 7th Rank

      We have all heard about the dangers of allowing the opponent's rook on its seventh rank...I just want to illustrate this point with three games in which the presence of the rook in the 7th rank had a decisive effect in the outcome of the game. The... | Leer más

      • kamalakanta
      • | 19 abr. 2016
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    • One year of chess

      Next friday I'll start to play at a new tournament: the XXVIII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. What makes it special is that there I played my first over-the-board game just one year ago! One year of chess is a good (thought arbitrary) point to... | Leer más

      • sharcashmo
      • | 17 abr. 2016
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    • Official Study Plan (Revised)

      Let me start off by saying that I divide my chess study into four elements: Tactics Endgames Positional Chess Openings   Here is how I will work on each of these four elements: 1. Tactics- Solve standard and blitz tactics on I ... | Leer más

    • Gothenburg - when everything comes together

      Earlier this week I came across a web article in dutch, about the amazing thing that happened in Gothenburg in 1955. According to the article, in Keres-Panno, the poisoned b2 pawn line was played for the very first time, in the western world! Pe... | Leer más

      • achja
      • | 13 abr. 2016
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  • I dare you to- SAC YOUR QUEENIE

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    Oh she's the most valuable piece alright!  That's what makes her so promising!  When you give up your queen (I don't reccomend it unless your playing me) You never know if it's a trap.  Leg'as mate was played by tow guys a little while back.  ... Leer más »

  • King's Indian Defense

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    King's Indian Defense belongs to the Indian Defense family of openings and is characterised by the early fianchetoeing of the black dark-squared bishop on g7. It is a sharp opening and it has always been a very popular choice for black ever ... Leer más »

  • Sicilian Defence

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      The Sicilian Defence is an opening very rich in independent variations to the extent that it is always mentioned along with the mainline variation that followed.Black's purpose of playing 1...c5 is to undermine white's center by taking cont... Leer más »

  • Mark's Opening

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    Mark's Opening is a chess opening characterized by the moves 1   d4  Nf6 2 Nc3   d5 3 Bf4   This position can also be reached by transposition (the move order isn't important). The advantages of the opening include fast piece develo... Leer más »

  • The Four Knights Opening

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    The Four Knights is one of the most popular openings in the world. It has been used millions of times by amateurs and grandmasters alike. The Four Knights opening is fairly simple, starting with 1. e4 e5, then bringing the four knights out onto th... Leer más »