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  • Memphis Belle

      Miss Rosa Jefferson    The champion women chess player of the world Rosa B. Jefferson    Although she was a significant historical figure in American chess, Rosa Bradford Jefferson has remained largely unknown. Miss Jefferson edited ... | Leer más

  • Do Arbiters Know The Rules Of Chess?

    Some time ago we tried to answer the question "Do Grandmasters Know The Rules Of Chess?" and concluded that sometimes even world-class GMs forget the most basic rules of chess. But what about arbiters (called tournament directors in the U.S.)... | Leer más

  • 5 Dumb Things Chess Players Say

    Last week, we had some fun discussing dumb things your non-chess friends say about the game. In chess as in life, turnabout is fair play. It's time to laugh at the silly things chess players themselves say -- and there's certainly no shortage of... | Leer más

  • Primus Inter Pares

    This is how the German team must have felt after winning the prestigious European Team Competition. I am a kind of breaking the chronological turn of events, but so be it! What these players did was surprising, exceptional and thrilling. After all... | Leer más

  • The Central Defender

    Ratmir Kholmov was born in the small town of Shenkursk on the 13th of May, 1925. Due to his father’s work he travelled a lot from a young age. At the age of 12 he was left alone with his mother, and this was the time when he started playing ches... | Leer más

    • November Signups are Now Open

      Signups are now open for our 3 round November League Qualifier and Tournament Series to begin on Monday, November 7.   New players can sign up for our 3 round League Qualifier. You must be a member of the Dan Heisman Learning Center and the... | Leer más

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    • I find this abusive and offensive

      I received the followign message from you. Verify that you posted this message and you have time to retract it and apologise, I have reported the matter to Chess.com as abusive and offensive. I have the right to resign when I choose to, ok.   l... | Leer más

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    • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 3. Tema 1. Dominó

      El dominó (galicismo de domino) es un juego de mesa en el que se emplean unas fichas (baldosas) rectangulares, generalmente blancas por la cara y negras por el envés, divididas en dos cuadrados, cada uno de los cuales lleva marcado de cer... | Leer más

    • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 2. Tema 1. 1.1:La Generala

      La generala es un juego de dados. Se juega con cinco dados y con un cubilete; el número de jugadores es ilimitado, pero lo óptimo es de 3 a 5. El objetivo del juego es lograr el mayor puntajeuo es el de bruno.c , de acuerdo a una valorizac... | Leer más

    • Fairy Fair Play ►Episodio 1. La Introcuccion; Tema 1:Las Cartas

      Los juegos de naipes o Juegos de cartas se juegan con unas cartulinas, llamadas naipes o cartas, que forman una baraja y que deben mezclarse (barajarse) antes de jugar. En determinados juegos se usan complementos para realizar apuestas o lleva... | Leer más

  • Danish Gambit

    • 16 lecturas
    • | 16 lecturas

    The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping... Leer más »

  • Why you should almost never advance the soldier on f7!

    • 7 lecturas
    • | 7 lecturas

    You know in chess, your entire army works as a team!! But sometimes  a piece rebels against the king. They are out to cause trouble! Either that or they made the wrong move at the wrong time! In this case the f7 pawn made the same mistake! Or the... Leer más »

  • Chess tips

    • 2505 lecturas
    • | 2505 lecturas

    You always want to improve your game. Here are 5 simple and easy chess tips. 1 Attack with all your pieces 2 don't bring out your queen too early 3 Take your time 4 Don't play odd moves to confuse the other player unless you are 100 percent su... Leer más »

  • How to teach your child how to play chess

    • 7 lecturas
    • | 7 lecturas

    If you have a child and you want to teach him/her how to play chess first get him/her intrested in the game. If he/she doesn't want to play don't make him/her. (I"ll say her because I'me a girl).  What you want to do is if she decided to play fir... Leer más »

  • Three-Fold Repitition

    • 3 lecturas
    • | 3 lecturas

    One way to draw a game is to manuvuer into a sitiuation where the same EXACT position is repeated three times. This is called THREE-FOLD REPITITION. It usually happens with PERPETUAL CHECK. That means one side keeps checking the other side and nei... Leer más »