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  • Fischer The Rebel

    His whole life, Robert James Fischer was fighting against someone or something. Thousands of books, articles and videos have been produced to describe the outlandish behavior of the chess genius. It is difficult to count all the social, moral... | Leer más

  • The Power Of Alekhine's Gun

    These days you can find anything on the Internet. For example, if you like hard rock and chess, then this video is for you! You can notice that they set up the board correctly (the a1 square is black!) and the position from their ga... | Leer más

  • Goose-Stepping Down Under

         This is the story of Kārlis Ozols that should be called, "When Chess Players Go Bad."   The story is one of amazement, puzzlement and disgust.      Kārlis Ozols had been a chess player in his native Latvia.  Like Tal, Ozols was... | Leer más

  • Mastering Squares, Part 5

    We’ll continue our exploration of squares by showing a couple of different ways one can milk them. Of course, a weak square or hole in the enemy camp can (and usually should) be used as a home for one’s pieces. We will look at that aspect of ... | Leer más

  • Mastering Squares, Part 4

    In our first two installments of “Mastering Squares,” we looked at some extremely instructive positions from one of my students. In the third installment, I stepped back and looked at square basics. Now that everyone is “on poi... | Leer más

    • Washington Women's Championship

      My great summer chess binge--three tournaments and 18 rated games in under a month--concluded with the Washington Women's Championship, a four-round open Swiss.  For some reason I repeatedly woke up in the middle of the night worrying about this ... | Leer más

      • mkkuhner
      • | 25 sept. 2016
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    • Blitz Chess #371: Queen's Pawn Game

      This is a blitz chess game I played as black with time control 5|0. The opening played was a Queen's pawn game. White's modest approach to the opening allows for black to confidently violate an opening principle which states one should not move th... | Leer más

    • Kings vs Princes III tournament report and games

      Here is yet another report on the Kings vs Princes III tournament held August 26-August 30, 2016. I will be writing about all of my games plus my overall tournament experience. There will be a short summary of my game, followed by a more detailed ... | Leer más

      • Mr_Penings
      • | 18 sept. 2016
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    • FIDE RR part 3: A Narrow Escape

      Piranha image by Greg Hume, from Wikipedia.  All chessplayer photos by Victoria Jung-Doknjas via the Washington Chess Federation blog, used by permission of the photographer. After six rounds of the FIDE Round Robin I had 4-2 but definitely felt... | Leer más

      • mkkuhner
      • | 6 sept. 2016
      • | 408 vistas
      • | 4 comentarios
    • 3 simple tactics and a strategic french battle

       I played a 100 boards simul in 2011 and I would like to show you 3 tactics from those games and a game where we had a strategical battle in the french defense. I was able to get a knight versus bad bishop position, but more important was the spa... | Leer más

      • attilaturzo
      • | 11 jul. 2016
      • | 976 vistas
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Video Lessons


    • 12 lecturas
    • | 12 lecturas

    Sometimes a chess piece is overloaded by having more than one defensive job to do. The overworked piece can be exploited by capturing one of the pieces it is defending or occupying a square it is defending forcing it to leave its other defensive ... Leer más »

  • List of chess variants

    • 104 lecturas
    • | 104 lecturas

    A chess variant (or unorthodox chess) is a game "related to, derived from or inspired by chess".[2] The difference from chess might include one or more of the following: different rules for capture, move order, game objective, etc.; addition... Leer más »

  • Mark's Opening

    • 4 lecturas
    • | 4 lecturas

    Mark's Opening is a chess opening characterized by the moves 1   d4  Nf6 2 Nc3   d5 3 Bf4   This position can also be reached by transposition (the move order isn't important). The advantages of the opening include fast piece develo... Leer más »

  • Sicilian Defence,Accelerated Dragon

    • 2 lecturas
    • | 2 lecturas

    Many people suffers against maroczy bind setup against accelerated dragon which arises after the following move orders.In this type of setup white normally deided to play with strong centre and its very good setup for white againt accelerated dra... Leer más »

  • Shogi

    • 4 lecturas
    • | 4 lecturas

    Shogi is the Japanese form of Chess. It has been evolving in a different direction as international Chess for more than 1000 years, however, and its history contains many Shogi variants, some even still played today. Modern Shogi is played on a 9x... Leer más »