Three Big Chess Events Kick Off on Same Day

  • MF MikeKlein
  • on 12/7/14 14:18.

Rarely do two important chess events begin on the same day. Today, no less than three grandmaster tournaments commenced, all about five hours between them by car.

With a little luck, you could theoretically visit all in one long day. Later this week, when the Tour de France passes through the French Alps, you could maybe get there too!

The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund, Germany has perhaps the most notable players. The 7-game round robin is a reduction of two games from 2013, but still features GMs Fabiano Caruana, Vladimir Kramnik, defending champion Michael Adams, Peter Leko, and Ruslan Ponomariov. The German contingent includes GMs Arkadij Naiditsch, Georg Meier and David Baramidze.

As you'll see below, not all went according to plan on day one, as Meier upended Kramnik as Black in a Symmetrical English.

Adams, the unexpected winner in 2013 (and co-champion in 1998), played his trusty double king pawn, and had no issues holding in a Berlin against German number one and Dortmund 2005 Champion Naiditsch.
Ponomariov, the 2010 winner, also trotted out the Leningrad Dutch. His extra pawn wasn't enough to convert against Leko, who won in 1999, 2002 and 2008. All told, the eight players this year have won the past nine titles in Dortmund, and have 18 wins in total among them.

Round two starts Sunday at 15:00 CET (GMT +2).

At the ACP Golden Cup in Italy, all three games were drawn today, as Vocaturo sat out (the player who "rests" each day helps out with the commentary). The most unbalanced contest was Almasi-Nepomniachtchi, another Symmetrical English. The Russian pitched his queen for rook and piece, eventually setting up an impenetrable position.

The creative Jobava didn't disappoint in the opening round. After Brunello decimated his kingside at the cost of a knight, the Georgian found the resource 37. Nc6!, giving the knight back offered him just enough counterplay to hold the game. 

Round two of the ACP Golden Cup is also Sunday. They start an hour earlier than Dortmund (14:00 CET, GMT +2).

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  • hace 23 meses


    Caruana game had a cool ending.   =)

  • hace 23 meses


    Blame it to Kramniks opening Czech Benoni White version

  • hace 23 meses


    OK, so Dortmund and ACP. What's the third chess event? Biel?

  • hace 23 meses



    Thanks. We are having some technical problems with this article. A lot of content is not displaying properly. We are working on it.

  • hace 23 meses


    What a blowout! Maybe Kramnik had a headache or something.......

  • hace 23 meses


    Kramnik vs Meier's game should be fixed cuz it is place-holder. It might just be mine but i think its for everyone

  • hace 23 meses


    Here it is, Kramnik vs Meier:

  • hace 23 meses


    Am I blind or where is Kramnik's game?

  • hace 23 meses


    ACP Golden Classic´s R1 recap:

  • hace 23 meses


    For someone, who's chess understanding is superior to anyones (V.K.), Kramnik isn't doing so well lately. 3 losses in a row (Norway included), 0.5 out of the last 5 games ... well, that happens in human chess, not a big deal. Maybe an occasion to learn something from (humility, serenity, awareness of being a chess ideal and therefore e.g. not skipping press conferences ... ;-)

    By the way, we all can learn that even for the best the sun isn't shining all the time.

  • hace 23 meses


    Kramnik's game looks like a patzer vs master game - especially the ending position. Not good!

  • hace 23 meses


    Yeah thanks for the info on these tourneys....all strong ones. Always like to watch Mickey Adams play & will be interesting to see how Hou Yifan fairs in Switzerland.

  • hace 23 meses


    In regard to the ACP tournamenter incorporating "adjournments": If it's legal to use computers and/or other people during the adjournment, would some people consider this unethical and against the nature of two people battling each other to see who is the better player. I've never understood the ethical acceptance of a player being allowed to use a "team" to help him analyze an adjourned position. 

  • hace 23 meses


    Thanks for the great article, Mike. I like your style.  

  • hace 23 meses


    Kramnik..what a surprise:( it's a pity i love him..

    On IChallengeYou, most people think Caruana will win..And you, what's your opinion? On my side i still see Kramnik coming back!

  • hace 23 meses


    Poor Kramnik... Possibly old age kicking in???

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