Magnus Carlsen Wins London Classic 2010

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  • on 15/12/10 12:22.

Magnus Carlsen ensured victory in the 2010 London Chess Masters by defeating the demoralised Nigel Short with breathtaking ease in the final round.

Short never managed to get any active play and Carlsen was accurate and merciless to take the full point, and a cool €50,000 for first place.


A happy Magnus Carlsen in the commentary room after his game

Magnus Carlsen_winner.jpg


Carlsen's co-leaders before the final round were Anand and McShane.  Anand got precisely nowhere against Kramnik's Berlin Wall and the players headed for a draw as soon as possible.

McShane was determined not to rest on his laurels, and chose the Dragon against Howell in an attempt to win with the black pieces.  In the event, it was Howell who had the better chances to emerge victorious, but he failed to find the knockout blow in time trouble and the game ended all-square.

The last game to finish saw Nakamura trying to beat Adams by sheer force of will, but the Englishman was unbowed and the draw arrived when only their majesties remained on the battlefield.

Garry Kasparov paid a visit today (with tournament director Malcolm Pein)



The tournament results also mean that Magnus Carlsen should regain his official #1 status in the January 2011 FIDE rating list, just ahead of Vishy Anand.

The final standings:

 Name Nat Elo Pts Black Gms Black Wins Wins
1  Carlsen, Magnus NOR 2802 13 4 1 4
2  McShane, Luke ENG 2645 11 3 1 2
2  Anand, Viswanathan IND 2804 11 3 1 2
4  Nakamura, Hikaru USA 2741 10 4 1 2
5  Kramnik, Vladimir RUS 2791 10 4 1 2
6  Adams, Michael ENG 2723 8 3 0 1
7  Howell, David ENG 2611 4 4 0 0
8  Short, Nigel ENG 2680 2 3 0 0


McShane and Anand tied for second since they had exactly the same tie-break scores.  Nakamura finished fourth ahead of Kramnik because he won their individual game.

Congratulations to the players and the organisers in London for putting on a great show for chess fans around the world!






Photos courtesy of Ray Morris-Hill. Many thanks!

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  • hace 6 años


    I am quite certain that Magnus will do very well, if not winning it all, if he will be competing at the forthcoming Candidate Matches. It's a shame, we could only speculate now. I still believe that he got the wrong advice not to enter and test his brilliance at the highest level of competition in his sport.

  • hace 6 años


    Magnificent Magnus!!

  • hace 6 años


    What was the purpose of 16.Kh2 for white and also Kf7 for black? I can't see an impending threat. (Anand v Kramnik game)

  • hace 6 años


    well done carlsen great game!!

  • hace 6 años


    Magnus rules!!!

  • hace 6 años


    congrat Carlsen, you are my idol at chess. you are very good player in the world. congrat 4u:)

  • hace 6 años


    See, as ive'd told in my last log in,when will he be able to compete for the world championship,congrats again to Magnus!

  • hace 6 años


    Go magnus!!!

  • hace 6 años


    magnus... i love you :*

  • hace 6 años


    The king in waiting!

  • hace 6 años


    thousand congratulations for carlsen . This champion really deserves it . Just look at his performance and you will know he is thebest . and he in my opinion has thebest concentration  between them all. good tournament and scores and play. i wait for your game with me , your hopely friend *morehope* . bye.

  • hace 6 años


    carlson seems to be world champ soon!

  • hace 6 años


    i want to see magnus vs. wesley so race to 100 w/0 rest, for luke he dint use his some verses like 21:15 whos this?

  • hace 6 años



    Congrats Magnus - you're da chess bomb!

  • hace 6 años


    Magnus won, indeed. But the champ lost to the 'invincible'. Confused. Whom to call the 'GREATEST' ?!

  • hace 6 años


    Wow!! Great games!

  • hace 6 años


    Nice news story and congratulations to Magnus Carlsen for winning the London Classic 2010! Well played!!

    And to someone who said that Vishy Anand is better overall then I wouldn't say so, at least not at this tournament...yes, he didn't lose any games but wins were more important and Magnus was better not by 1 but 2 points and won twice as many games as anyone else did! Also, Magnus will probably be the world number one again in next month's rankings Wink

  • hace 6 años


    carlsen,fallen 7x....stood 8x......outstanding!

  • hace 6 años


    Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen. He crushed Short that's no doubt. For the second game, I think in most of the games played using Berlin Wall I noticed that White is slightly better becasue he will end-up with two pawns on Kingside against one pawn for Black. And games with that opening most end-up with a draw result.

  • hace 6 años



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