Li Chao Wins Doeberl Cup 2013

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phpG3KCPL.jpegThe 51st Doeberl Cup took place from 28 March - 1 April 2013. Doeberl is the longest running weekend chess event in Australia. Since 1963 it has been held every year in Canberra.

Li Chao of China won the Premier tournament with a final score of 7½ points from the 9-round Swiss competition.

Jiri Stocek of the Czech Republic took second place on tie-breaks from Dutch GM Loek van Wely after they both finished on 7/9.

The time control used in the Premier competition was 40 moves in 90 minutes, then an additional 30 minutes to finish, with a 30 second increment from the start of the game.

The total prize money for all the events at Doeberl was AU$18,350, with the Premier winner receving AU$4,000.

The official website with more information can be found here.

The top standings in the 2013 Doeberl Cup Premier

# Name Elo Fed Pts 
1 Li Chao b  2686 CHN 7.5
2 Stocek Jiri  2557 CZE 7.0
3 Van Wely Loek  2684 NED 7.0
4 Sethuraman S.P.  2532 IND 6.5
5 Horvath Adam  2509 HUN 6.5
6 Ly Moulthun  2428 AUS 6.5
7 Vajda Levente  2632 ROU 6.0
8 Li Zuhao Luke  2285 NZL 6.0
9 Zhao Zong-Yuan  2537 AUS 6.0
10 Smirnov Anton  2194 AUS 5.5
11 Lane Gary W.  2412 AUS 5.5
12 Johansen Darryl K.  2430 AUS 5.5
13 Lei Tingjie  2232 CHN 5.5
14 Cheng Bobby  2425 AUS 5.5
15 Wallis Christopher  2261 AUS 5.5
16 Otgonjargal Sengerav  2171 MGL 5.5
17 Stojic Dusan  2228 AUS 5.5
18 Illingworth Max  2423 AUS 5.5
19 Garner David J  2150 ENG 5.5
20 Varga Zoltan  2446 HUN 5.5




There was a tragic coda to the Doeberl Cup when a car accident claimed the lives of two players Andrew Saint and Hannibal Swartz, who were returning from playing in the competition in Canberra to Melbourne.  Fellow players James Morris and Dimitri Partsi were also seriously injured.

The local police have described the crash as a tragedy, and said it appears a mechanical fault, possibly a tyre blowout, caused the accident.

More details about the accident can be found here. Our thoughts are with the families of Andrew Saint and Hannibal Swartz, and we wish all the other passengers involved a speedy recovery.


Games via TWIC.

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  • hace 4 años


    i can't believe it, I pay in this tournament the other week. So sad. :(

  • hace 4 años


    I look up to players like you. To make every move meiningfull and to play out such precise moves in the endgame. I praise you Chao.

  • hace 4 años


    wow, Chao played very well throughout the tournament, congrats!

  • hace 4 años


    Andrew Saint won the under 2000 division of the Doeberl Cup the day before he died

  • hace 4 años


    oh no

  • hace 4 años



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