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phpTljGFY.jpegRising U.S. Chess star and Chess.com member Kayden Troff celebrates his 15th birthday today!  Kayden hails from Utah, and learned to play chess at the age of 3 by watching his father Daniel playing against his brothers.

Kayden's talent has developed quickly - he was awarded the International Master title in January this year, and is the reigning Under 14 World Youth Chess Champion.

He is currently playing in the 2013 U.S. Chess Championships where he gave Gata Kamsky a run for his money in the second round!

Kayden has taken part in training sessions with Garry Kasparov and was selected to the "Young Stars - Team USA" program, a joint partnership between the Kasparov Chess Federation (KCF) and the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, which was launched to find and train the top emerging U.S. chess players for competition with the best players in the world.

Kayden's latest project is a chess music video with the TLC Trio. It's a cover of Adele's James Bond theme "Skyfall" and features a famous Kasparov - Topalov game with a "live" chess set!

Kayden’s official website is at kaydentroff.blogspot.com and he writes a regular chess blog right here at Chess.com!

Happy birthday Kayden! Good luck in the U.S. Championships, and for future success!


Kayden training with Garry Kasparov
Garry Kasparov and Kayden Troff Chess Camp St Louis 2012.jpg


Kayden with fellow World Youth medallists Sam Sevian (left) and Cameron Wheeler (centre)
sam sevian (left) kayden-troff (right) world youth champs 2012.jpg


Biographical details from the US Chess Championships website.

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  • hace 4 años


    @PhoenixFire - thanks, corrected. Smile

  • hace 4 años


    There was a classy little chess video called "Checkmating" produced by a small Canadian company in the 1990s. It was fun and alluring. This video takes the chess drama of war and romance to a whole new level. The kiss at the end is completely unexpected after such a bloody battle. 

    What a great game is chess, that allows us to blur the lines of fantasy and reality on a small board (or dance floor), then walk away energized and satisfied. The Troff family has great talent for theater, music and chess... what a way to combine all three! Thanks Kayden and family for a terrific idea, shared with the whole world. 
  • hace 4 años


    I was at several pre-screenings of the video with various audiences before the world-wide release.  It was exciting to hear these groups spontaneously burst into applause on their first viewing!  My favorite story, though, was a pre-screening for which I was absent.  An older gentleman and his wife viewed the video and they were crying.  When the director asked them why - they told him-you've come a long way Brian and that was art.  I agree.  It may have been a little brutal, but no more than when Kings and Queens ruled the European nations, and in today's video game enriched world it made this interesting.  And ultimately that is what this vision, this art - is trying to convey.  That chess is very, very interesting and exciting! Cool

  • hace 4 años


    It was a good music on the video, and good performance by the musicians.  

    It's a pity that the director chose to use simulated violence to portray a chess game in a live theater act -- one piece taking another could be rendered in many other ways, including ones that reaffirm humanity rather than deny it (as violence does).

  • hace 4 años


    happy birthday Kayden and good luck in your tournament!

  • hace 4 años


    Really enjoyed watching this! they did a great Job!

  • hace 4 años


    @ captain_sulu - thanks! Smile

  • hace 4 años


    Beneath the video, I think it's supposed to say Good luck, not Good.


  • hace 4 años


    Very nice to see people dancing in a live chess game Smile

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