Hou Yifan Regains Title

  • MF MikeKlein
  • on 21/9/13 7:52.

Needing only seven of the alotted 10 games, Chinese GM Hou Yifan convincingly won the 2013 Women's World Championship in Taizhou, China, by beating title-holder GM Anna Ushenina of Ukraine. Hou Yifan first won the title in 2010, then lost it last year by losing in the second round of the knockout-style event (which Ushenina won).

The title is contested annually but alternates between a large, elimination event, and a one-on-one match, as it was this year. Hou Yifan qualified as the challenger by winning the last Women's Grand Prix cycle.


Having dominated as Black throughout the match, Hou Yifan won for the first time as White to achieve the clinching score of 5.5-1.5. In a the first Najdorf of the series, Hou Yifan's king proved inviolate the whole game, while Ushenina's monarch was completely depleted of pawns. Facing invasions on the back rank, h-file, and White's well-poised knight, Ushenina conceded the game and the title.

Hou Yifan also gained 10 rating points in the match, while Ushenina lost 10. The winner's purse is 120,000 Euros, while Ushenina takes 80,000 Euros in the loss.

GM Anna Ushenina, who was unable to win any games in the match

The two players discuss their final game with FIDE Press Officer Anastasiya Karlovich
All photos courtesy Anastasiya Karlovich.

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  • hace 3 años


    One sided game. It happens in chess.

  • hace 3 años


    Will Hou Yifan pass Judits rating, consistentely, in the future?I think so

  • hace 3 años


    There has been only one Womens World Champion for the past 20 years and that is Judit Polgar. She is the only woman that has been capable of competeing with the best chess players in the world

  • hace 3 años


    Ushenina made a lot of money for someone of her level and with this performance.  There are a lot of male players who play much better who would love that payday.

  • hace 3 años


    Karlovich is a joy to watch.

  • hace 3 años


    An elimination knock-out event has shown somewhat erratic results -- sometimes really strong players win, most recently Kamsky (2007), Gelfand (2009), Svidler (2011), and Kramnik (2013) in the men's version of a World Cup -- but sometimes the winners may have few significant accomplishments during their chess careers.

    The men's version -- where the winner (and runner-up) qualify for a subsequent Candidate's tournament -- makes sense; those winners aren't random players, and if they're so good, they'll show it again next against other really strong challengers in a round-robin Candidate's tournament, not to mention playing a match against the champion himself in the end.

    Congratulations to Yifan Hou -- very well deserved title, re-won!  Really only a couple of women in the world today have shown be to anywhere close to her class (e.g., Koneru, Muzychuk, and of course Polgar who doesn't play in women-only events).

  • hace 3 años



  • hace 3 años


    Congrats to Hou Yifan. Asian players are really good!

  • hace 3 años


    I love Anastasiya Karlovich, she is so beautiful and smart.. <3 great victory for Yifan :) I expect that she can boost her ELO rating

  • hace 3 años


    That picture of Anna is so funny. You can tell exactly how things went for her. 

  • hace 3 años


    There should be a talent section to this event.

  • hace 3 años

    MF VPA

    The nightmare is over & Anna can party nowYell

  • hace 3 años


    80 000 avros is not bad. Well-done Anna! Never mind what ppl say...

  • hace 3 años


    Too easy

  • hace 3 años


    Yes, I agree that its crazy the women's champion has to alternate between elimination event and match play....... that seems unfair.... but I do like that they have to defend their title every year..... I wish on the mens side the champion should have to do the same....... ( but for men and women it should only be match play )

  • hace 3 años


    Do you think Hou Yifan is good enough to play with the men in next year's Candidate Tournament? She is young and still improving, so she eventually will be a 2700+ player.

  • hace 3 años


    It's astonishing the way Ushenina looks like my neighbor's cat in this pic she's resting her face on hands. I thought to myself "Madou, is it you? O.o"

  • hace 3 años


    Ushenina was so outclassed. Total domination

  • hace 3 años


    Agreed. And it's not even a few years. She probably will lose it again next year given how chaotic the elimination event is. FIDE should really change the format to mirror the men's, so that the world championship can only be won by beating the titleholder in a match.

  • hace 3 años


    "The title is contested annually but alternates between a large, elimination event, and a one-on-one match, as it was this year."

    This is crazy, this means that Hou Yifan could lose again in a few years with a different setup, while she could beat almost anyone in a match format.

    Like Kramnik winning the World Cup, he could be a world champion (if Carlsen and Anand played and got eliminated).

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