Dutch Chess Documentary From 1979 on YouTube

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 17/2/14 1:27.

“In the end, it all starts with a certain love for wood.” That is how Hein Donner starts his monologue in the Dutch documentary Liefde Voor Hout (love of wood), The documentary was posted on YouTube in August 2012, and now a version with English subtitles has appeared as well.

Chessbase posted a wonderful documentary this Monday morning and, with our Dutch roots, we can't stay behind obviously! The documentary, produced for the VPRO broadcasting company in 1979, was directed by Jop Pannekoek. Camera: Paul van den Bos; Sound: Roel Bazen; Editing: Ot Louw; Interviews: Max Pam.

We see Jan Timman, Hans Ree, Max Euwe, Hein Donner, Gert Ligterink, Genna Sosonko, Ulf Andersson, Mulder van Leens Dijkstra and many others. Enjoy!

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  • hace 24 meses


    Great documentary.  Enjoyed watching the interactions between Ulf Andersen, Jan Timman, and Hans Ree.  Even Jan Hein Donner and Max Euwe provided interesting insight into how GMs think.

  • hace 24 meses


    Smoking makes him caugh Frown

  • hace 24 meses


    I'm confused...this is a film about Dutch nerds who love carpentry?

  • hace 24 meses


    'Wood' is a term used in another type of film in liberal societies.

  • hace 24 meses


    I would not like to play chess in a room where smoking was allowed.

  • hace 24 meses


    Check2008, no, Dutch is not German. But both languages are closely related (also to Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, btw.)

    As a German I can read and understand quite a few words of the other languages (some are identical, some very similar). But to speak it or be able to read entire texts you have to learn such a "close" language just like another foreign language (and you have to be careful about all those "false friends" in the vocabulary...

  • hace 24 meses


    Thanks for letting the chess.com community know about this.  I had seen the video posted previously on YouTube without the English captioning.  Nice to look back on that era.

  • hace 24 meses


  • hace 24 meses



  • hace 24 meses


    Thanks for sharing this video! Just to specify, this is not the German language right? You said it was Dutch. How closely linked are these languages? 

  • hace 24 meses


    (28:53, on correspondence chess:)

    "And there are players who time-out in a lost position."

    "They no longer reply?"

    "No, they stop replying."

    "That's a bit of bad sports, isn't it?"

    "Yes, I find that bad sports."

    BREAKING NEWS: Complaining about time-outs and bad sportsmanship predates chess.com and internet chess in general. Laughing

  • hace 24 meses


    great video. funny how they smoke during the game. and I like when Ree says that chess players are sadists, that chess is addiction and stuff like that. the best quote is: 'they think everything is related to sado-masochistic-anal-father-murder, well...you know the drill' lol

  • hace 24 meses


    All those names, even the interviewer is top of the bill.

  • hace 24 meses


    "A love for wood" is a phrase with two meanings. 

  • hace 24 meses


  • hace 24 meses


    "Jop Pannekoek"? Poor guy. 

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