Cap d'Agde: Karpov Wins Preliminary Tournament With 11.0/14

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  • on 1/11/13 12:04.

Anatoly Karpov finished the preliminary tournament in Cap d'Agde like he started, and his excellent play resulted in an undefeated 11/14 score. The 12th World Champion qualified for the semi-finals together with Etienne Bacrot, Mariya Muzychuk and Vassily Ivanchuk, who recoved just in time.

Anatoly Karpov | Photo courtesy of the organizers

We already know that Karpov, who last year won the tournament named after himself, started the second edition very well. After the first eight rounds he was leading the group with 7.0/8 — see the first report.

On Tuesday Karpov duly continued with another win, against Mariya Muzychuk. In a Fianchetto Grünfeld, he didn't get a huge advantage and the ending should have been a draw, but somehow the white pieces became very active at some point. In an ending with opposite-colored bishops, the typical f7-weakness decided the game.

Karpov then also beat the lowest rated participant, in a Queen's Gambit Declined, Lasker Defence. A bishop sac on h3 was easily refuted.

With 9.5/11 (!) Karpov was still one and a half point ahead of the rest of the pack. With three relatively quick draws in the last three rounds, he cruised to victory.

Etienne Bacrot finished second, but it was about the top four, and the problem was that three players tied for third-fifth place: Yannick Pelletier, Mariya Muzychuk and Vassily Ivanchuk. The latter had started with seven draws and a loss but finished with three draws and three wins, just enough! A blitz tiebreak was played in which Pelletier lost all games, and so Ivanchuk and Muzychuk went through to the semis, with Karpov and Bacrot.

At the time of writing, the semi-finals have started but we'll cover those together with the final in a third report.

Below is a video of rounds 11 & 12 created by Europe-Echecs. You can find more on their YouTube channel.


2nd Karpov Trophy 2013 | Preliminary, final standings

Rank Name Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pts SB
1 Karpov,Anatoly 2619 phpfCo1l0.png ½1 11 ½½ 11 11.0/14
2 Bacrot,Etienne 2730 phpfCo1l0.png ½½ ½½ ½½ 11 11 9.0/14
3 Ivanchuk,Vassily 2733 ½0 ½½ phpfCo1l0.png ½1 ½1 ½½ ½½ ½1 8.0/14 50.75
4 Pelletier,Yannick 2578 ½½ ½0 phpfCo1l0.png ½1 11 11 8.0/14 42.75
5 Muzychuk,Mariya 2491 0 ½0 phpfCo1l0.png 11 ½1 11 8.0/14 42.50
6 Sebag,Marie 2510 ½½ ½½ ½½ ½0 0 phpfCo1l0.png 11 11 7.5/14
7 Zhao,Xue 2579 0 ½½ 0 ½0 0 phpfCo1l0.png 11 4.0/14
8 Maisuradze,Nino 2302 0 0 ½0 0 0 0 0 phpfCo1l0.png 0.5/14

The "Trophée Anatoly Karpov" starts with a preliminary event, which is an 8-player, double round robin. After 14 rounds, 4 players advance to a knockout phase. The time control is 25 minutes + 10 seconds per move. The players are Vassily Ivanchuk (2733), Etienne Bacrot (2730), Anatoly Karpov (2619), Yannick Pelletier (2578, Switzerland), Mariya Muzychuk (2491, Ukraine), Nino Maisuradze (2302, France), Zhao Xue (2579, China) and Marie Sebag (2510, France). The tournament runs from Friday, October 25th till Saturday, November 2nd in Cap d'Agde, the seaside resort of the town of Agde, France, on the Mediterranean sea, southwest of Montpellier.

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  • hace 3 años


    i see spinning diagrams only for days now, i wonder what could be the reason

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov is one of the greatest of all time. Probably my favourite.

  • hace 3 años


    in second game the best move was 32.Qd8 and taking knight after that but karpov didnt play it!

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov is already a legend.  He is one of the best positional players of all times!  Some say Fischer would have wiped out Karpov cold! But why is Fischer then asking too many things from FIDE?  He is dictating his terms. Who's afraid then ?  Hehe, Just asking.  Another one for Karpov is, he holds the record of most tournament wins in the modern era! Not even Kasparov surpassed or equalled it!

  • hace 3 años


    Fischer would have wiped him up. Good to see him winning for sure however because he's a good human.

  • hace 3 años


    I still remember the clash between the titans for the world chess championship trophy.I was supporting Karpov and my brother was supporting Kasparov.Finally Kasparov managed to win after a long long battle but still I believe Karpov would have performed better to retain the trophy.Both are legends but I place Karpov one step ahead of Kasparov.

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov is a LEGEND of the greatest of all time

  • hace 3 años


    There is a saying used a lot in Britain."Form is temporary,Class is permanent"

  • hace 3 años


    I don't think Karpov ever lost his former brilliance, I think he just grew old and wanted a break!

  • hace 3 años


  • hace 3 años


    Karpov is a LEGEND....

  • hace 3 años


    HummingTheBlues, I have always hated rap as a genre. But I read yours all the way through, to see if it made any sense. It did not.

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov is really strong in active chess (25min +10sec), as strong as any of the top 20 elite players.

  • hace 3 años


    This is great.  Karpov is playing very strong.  I admire his ability.  

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov may have lost his former brilliance but he is still a very solid player with much theoretical knowledge.

  • hace 3 años


    Karpov, once being an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE better than his peers (except Kasparov, probably just needed to focus on chess again to have another excellent tournament result. People who are skeptical about his current abilities do not appreciate how much better he understands chess than ordinary GMs.

  • hace 3 años


    Are these games FIDE rated? If so, I wonder what kind of rating bump that performance merits.

  • hace 3 años


    The photo really makes Karpov look old and fat. But his performance is amazing! Strange to see him rated 2619, and beat GMs who are 2700+

    Who knows what Karpov could do, if he would play a match against Carlsen!

  • hace 3 años


    hey hummingbird. do you think the other 7 players are party to it?  The moon landing was faked, too, right? and of course the Holocaust didn't happen, either.

    It's not ok to falsely accuse just because he's a luminary

  • hace 3 años


    Could you change the game 2 viewer from a puzzle to an analysis viewer.

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