Anand-Carlsen Game 7 Drawn in 32 Moves - UPDATE: VIDEO

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  • on 18/11/13 4:12.

The seventh game of the World Championship match in Chennai between Viswanathan Anand, playing the white pieces, and Magnus Carlsen ended in a draw after 32 moves. In another 4.d3 Berlin Ruy Lopez, Anand chose a quiet, positional variation and both sides castled queenside. After the h-file was opened, all rooks were traded and the resulting ending with QN vs QN was a dead draw. Anand must score a win (or rather two) in the next few games, while Carlsen needs only 2.0/5 to become the next world champion.


After the double blow on Friday and Saturday, World Champion Vishy Anand had a day to recover and another white game on Monday. Many chess fans expected him to go "all in" and take some risks. Maybe even change his opening to 1.d4. Anything. But Anand went for the Berlin Ruy Lopez again, and playing 5.Bxc6, he preferred a calm approach.

“I chose a line that actually both of us have played quite a bit in the past. You get a very slow, maneuvering kind of game. (...) I thought I might be able to press a little bit. It's not huge, but... somehow I was not able to make it happen.”

Anand explained at the press conference that the other big plan for white was to play for f4. Maybe he should have gone for that, because the early h2-h4-h5xg6 didn't give him much. “Swapping all the rooks gives him adequate counterplay,” said the Indian.

Carlsen was obviously satisfied with how the game went. “There are many different plans but whatever you play, it's usually quite slow. I thought I was doing more or less fine; just a little bit worse but nothing real. It's always going to be a tiny bit more pleasant for white but my pieces are well developed and I have no particular weaknesses so I don't think I should be in any major trouble.”

To many chess fans, Anand's quiet approach was a surprise. Hikaru Nakamura wrote one of the sharpest tweets of the day:

Anand admitted that he didn't get much as White: “Obviousy after the last two games it's nice to break this result but... I was hoping for, you know, to be able to press him a little bit and I didn't manage very much to be honest.”

One journalist asked about the psychological aspect of the match. Anand only wanted to admit that "they are there", while Carlsen gave a longer answer: “Of course there are some psychological aspects. For instance there was no doubt that the outcome of game 5 influenced the next game. I think that's unavoidable in a match, so that's little bit different [from tournaments]. You just try to move on as best as you can but it's not so easy, especially if you lost of course.”

A Russian grandmaster who has worked with Carlsen in the past, tweeted:

Although it's too early to state that Anand has thrown in the towel, he was surprisingly cheerful at the press conference. To the question whether his team is passing on the messages that are coming in via the social media, he replied with a smile: “In general if they think I should know something they let me know. I don't know what they're not telling me!”

Carlsen answered the same question: “I've been following it just a little bit. I'm very happy, very thankful for all of those who wish me well and for those who don't I don't read it anyway!”

The score is 4.5-2.5 in favor of the challenger, who will play with the white pieces tomorrow. It will be interesting to see whether Anand will change his opening strategy and or and start playing for a win as Black. At the same time, the question is what kind of Carlsen we will see. As the 13th World Champion tweeted on Sunday:

World Championship 2013

Name Rtg G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12 Pts Perf
Carlsen 2870 ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 ½ 4.5 2877
Anand 2775 ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 0 ½ 2.5 2768
Vishy Anand again sat down at the board first...
...while Carlsen preferred to stay in the rest area a bit longer
After shaking hands for the 7th time...
...and filling out the notation form...
...Carlsen actually left the stage, and returned at the board...
...only 18 seconds before the start. The term "zero tolerance" could be heard in the playing hall!

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  • hace 3 años


    A lot of people made comments about Fischer not having a coach or formal training....Hell, there was no one around that could teach him anything ! Long before he became a World Champion, the world of chess looked to Bobby for a sense of direction. The same thing will happen again...this time the world will look towards Carlsen !!!

  • hace 3 años


    Speaking of Carlsen's memory, wasn't Fischer the same way?

  • hace 3 años



    Alright, but lets put Carlsen in the same shoes as Fischer. Would Fischer do better? We dont know. So you cant put the advantage on Fischer if Carlsen was not in the same environment as Fischer was with studying with books and personal analysis. As you say Carlsen has an encyclopedic memory but would that not work just as well in the 60's and 70's? Carlsen also plays with opponents that have the same luxury and proves to be much better. You must think both ways before making assumptions.

  • hace 3 años


    I think vishy is a good grandmaster. But he blundered in 2-3 games and thats why he lost the championship. And must have played sicilian in all games with Black. Dut he maximum played berlin with black... 

  • hace 3 años

    SlayMaster_RSA a group for King Magnus Carlsen!

  • hace 3 años


    Deligent, you should not be disappoint in Anand, he is truly a great player and show when he is not discourage he can any area of the game. His first five games, Vishy can play the endgame well and even outplay Carlsen in the fifth game before Anand blunder. Carlsen's comments on fifth game, was he thought he was worst, not player that has a lot confident. Anand how more creativity and more aggressive opening setup, not the boring and dull player like Carlsen.

  • hace 3 años


    So, we have got our new World Champion - Magnus Carlsen. Anand has dispointed us, I didn't expect him to win but atleast he should have fought. 

  • hace 3 años


    Well there's been a lot of comparisons here. One interesting fact. Magnus at the age of 22 has more weeks as world no 1 then Anand has in his whole career!  

  • hace 3 años


    Had Bobby Fischer continued to play after 1972 with the same dedication and enthusiasm  he would have beaten Karpov easily in  1975 and less easily in 1978  but Korpov would have won in  1981 because he would have studied Fischer  well enough to beat  him.. And again  Karpov would have been so strong  after 3 battles with Bobby that it would have been impossible for Kasparov to beat him until  1993   and beyond..

  • hace 3 años


    After spending considerable time researching and comparing Mangus Carlsen's accomplishments to that of Bobby Fischer's, I must admit that I'm NOT finding a whole lot to support my claim ( other than the two points I've already mentioned )....So I'm willing to concede than my position may be somewhat overstated. You all make very good points and I stand corrected. 

      I do feel that the two points I've mentioned are valid and in time Carlsen will show himself to be a greater player than even the Great Bobby Fischer...this excites me. This excites me because I idolized Fischer and miss his presence in the word of chess greatly. Carlsen shows potential to out perform him as a player and I see that as the dawn of a new era.This game is continuiously evolving and as it does it will produce players that are greater than the players of days gone by....I honestly believe that Mangus Carlsen is one of those players ! Keep in mind that all great players have built their greatness on the collective knowledge of great players in the past. Bobby Fischer is a part of the past and if you have his game to study, isn't it only logical that another great mind ( equal to his ) would find ways to improve on what's already been done ? If Bobby had continued playing I'm sure he himself would have found ways to become stronger than he already was! Bobby didn't do that and I believe that Carlsen has picked up the torch ! This is NOT a bad long as this process of evolution continues ches can never stagnate !!!

                Respectfully Submitted :                                             Dogsofwar420

  • hace 3 años


    Such boring games. OK I can understand Magnus leading by 2 points but Anand? 

  • hace 3 años


    Obiously Anand is tired or shall I say "brain fatigue" at this early stage of the match...Well in any Sports "age gap" really tell the difference Anand is 44 yrs old while Carlsen is 22 yrs. old.....THINK ABOUT IT GUYS!....Further, Magnus is a Super Grand Master!....a super talented human being when it comes to ...CHESS

  • hace 3 años


    Another Berlin!!!


    Magnus looks very bored at the Press Conference, whats that all about?

  • hace 3 años


    Instead of trying to cross the BERLIN wall, Vishy should radically deviate by opting for 1.d4 chess. Even if he loses the Match, he would have still — to some extent — entertained his Audience (especially the Indian fans) with maximizing the VARIETY factor in his play.

    Breaking the Berlin barrier, on the other hand, could be a time-consuming venture especially in the present urgent match situation for him.  

  • hace 3 años


    maintaining the lead... nice! :)

  • hace 3 años


    I havent learned chess yet and they want to change the game already? Cool

  • hace 3 años

    MF TheMagician

    Anand manouverings 'sham'overings!

    it is my considered opinion Vishy (whom i admire very much) is playing boring safe manouvering chess and has done so from the inception of this match literally burying any hope of winning. He lacks HUNGER to Win!!

    Forget about losing face by taking RiSKS!! Vishy must NOT say to himself i am already a World Champion i will get an honorable score in this match.

    Hunker and Bunker down and throw the proverbial kitchen sink at this bloke. Bobby was behind Spassky.Bobby did it. its there for the taking. Vishy must think like hes a 23yr old with nothing to lose.

    if Vishy gave me a late callup to be his chess motivator in Chenai d get a rocket up him ,hole up in a room , and itd be like watching clark kent remove his glasses and rip off his be Up Up n away ...a Real Chess match by my Superman with the Super mind. Check your chair for Kryptonite Vishy!! Bobby did it!!

  • hace 3 años


    these guyz r losers not vishy and magnus but u people who comment u guyz r obsessed with this u should not believe that ur gonna be read by conmmenting and nobody reads ur post exept me who wants to do a book report on the lamest most boring people who dont have lives ever, u guyz suck i hope u know that at least i play soccer and football and basketball instead of reading and writing comments on the games sure its interesting but comments really, nobodys listening or seeing u so i hope ur satisfied with that peace out Losers

  • hace 3 años


    Fischer was one of the chess greats. But Carlsen is better. Time will certainly prove this. Listen all! Carlsen is the greatest! 

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