GM Igor Smirnov Chess courses

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    GM Igor Smirnov courses are the best Cool i really enjoyed his videos and start understand how a GM think during a live game  Laughingway better than any book 

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    weird that jrgascon changed his flag from venezuela to spain, and now some other muppet has shown up to spam advertise the igor courses using the same flag. coincidence?

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    he is probably one of the best trainers i cant judge, but i still can never forget the joke were he confused king and queen.

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    perretgentil was the guy claiming to be his dad before.

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    why are these people not banned for spamming?

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    Agree that GM Smirnov is one of the best teachers in the game! Free lessons on YouTube.

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    Czechman wrote:

    Agree that GM Smirnov is one of the best teachers in the game! Free lessons on YouTube.

    that ofc was already very nice of mr smirnov, and yes i totally forgot i really liked his lesson when he showed how bad pins are. coincidencially i just remembered it when i saw a documentary when a chessplayer said all chessplayes are one family lol.

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    Do it anyway, pfren. Great for us and honouring Mr Geller would surely be a thing you would enjoy. :)

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    bcoburn2 wrote:


    on food for your dogs?

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    pfren wrote:

    Well, don't get me wrong- but if you want to give some credit to your teacher, mr. Smirnov, you could (say) make a small article on your blog about something that you have learned from him, and explain it in the most appropriate way. That would benefit the members (and apparently, mr. Smirnov as well) more than advertising his courses like that.

    I guess I could do the same for Efim Geller, and a couple of my other former coaches, but unfortunately they don't really need such a thing anymore...

    weird i thought something like that.

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    I've seen some of his videos too. Very good teacher.

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    JRgascon wrote:

    mmm ok doesnt know whats bad on that. i will stop. The people judge without knowing why do i do that. 

    I don't know about other countries, but in the United States there are many advertisements that make grand claims of being the perfect product.  Of course we all know it is a lie and read the small print at the bottom which says, more or less, that the impressions given by the advertisement are not true.

    It's nice that you're an IM, but obviously the training material can't make everyone an IM.  Especially with the repeated mention of his course, it can only remind me of the advertisements I see every day.  To me you're making his product seem more dishonest and less worthwhile.  Just to let you know there are better ways of proving the worth of a product then repeatedly claiming how amazing it is... for example as pfren said you could demonstrate with games something valuable you learned.

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