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  • Fecha de lanzamiento: January 2010
    Enviado por: hsbgowd
    Enviado el: 13/2/10 5:21
    Categoría: Reproducción y Motores
    Editor Freeware
    OS: Windows
    Licencia: Free
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    Tamaño del archivo: 521.9453KB
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Firebird is one of the strongest open source multi processor engines.

I uploaded the x64 version. I will upload x32 when its available.

PS: Use at your own risk. All credit etc go to the authors. No warranty.


  • by MessyAnswer

    For anyone who is interested in the current best engines, I'd recommend Some popular engines are not showed there, though. 


    @drizztman: That means the engine works correctly. You can't use it without a chess GUI though. From most GUI's, you can add in different UCI engines. A recommended free chess GUI is Arena.

    @nakodaboy: No, it means that you have another opponent you can play against. A UCI engine is a program that can run with a chess GUI, like Fritz or Arena. From those programs, you can add in the engine.

  • by lytonn

    Les Fire et Firebird sont des moteurs indispensables pour une ChessGui car ils se classent au niveau des meilleurs même sans Book d'ouvertures !.

  • by OverLordGoldDragon

    Download Hoidini 1.5a the 2nd strongest in the world. 1st strongest is the latest version of houdini that is Houdini 2.0c Pro but it costs about $70... Hey, just get 1.5a... Almost no human can beat him, but HEY! No cheating! Stop wasting your life. You can use Houdnini for game analysis with chess GUI like Arena 2.0+.

  • by VictorNgani

    Firebird is extremely strong, Stockfish has probably grown to surpass it, rybka 4 is just 13 elo points above stockfish. Once you install a UCI board like arena, you can play chess against it. Some articles suggest that houdini 1.5a is currently the strongest program on the planet, 50 elo points higher than rybka 4. Still a UCI engine and yes, all three are freeware though houdini is closed source. I have however been unable to load the table bases and total bases as instructed in the firebird instruction notes. I know there is something i am not doing or doing wrong but can't figure out what it is

  • by housekeys

    how you get firebird 1.3 chess engine please help

  • by irvstein

    might be stronger than stockfish , but they are very close in elo

  • by drizztman101

    all I get when I run it is a command prompt. what should I do?

  • by hsbgowd

     No, it is just for learning and analyzing your games. Not to be used to play chess here. Thats cheating.

    Dont run it in a command prompt. Run it with a UCI engine

  • by nakodaboy

    does this mean if i down load this i get to play chess using the download?,,,,

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