OTB 1570 vs. 1282 (me)

In the last round of my tournament I faced a 1570 (I'm black) in what turned out to be a very interesting game.  After move 15 I accepted a draw thinking that I had little attack and my oppenent would beat me in the endgame if we had equal material.  Now I think I could have won.  


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    I had about 45 minutes left and my opponent 60.  He was higher rated than I was and I needed only half a point to tie for first.  After thinking more about my position I think I should have kept playing, but at the time I was happy with a draw.  However, I do need to improve my endgame and this would have been a good time to practice.

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    What was the time control here?  I think that black is much better here.  He has the bishop pair, safer king, better pawn structure, and better development.  I would definitely play on here.  I'm rated around 1990 on the chess.com server and I always play out my games until I'm certain it is a forced draw.  My thinking is I need to continue to learn endgames and therefore need to play as many as possible.  Even if I think a game has a certain result, I like to be really sure of this!  Never hurts!

    Now of course, time, rating, tournament standings and so on can all come into play here but the above is my usual approach!

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