7 day move games.

Why would an opponent need 7 days to make a move?


  • hace 5 años


    Thanks for the comments.

    I personally need the three day because of my work schedule also.

    I try to answer the same day I recieve a move, but sometimes I am called away on business for a day.

    As to my friend Berat's post...I thought chess was the true real world!? :)

  • hace 5 años


    i love 1day/move because im on summer holiday, at school time i prefer 3days/move

  • hace 5 años


    7 days is a bit much unless of course they are on vacation and no access to chess.com.i like the one day moves myself.

  • hace 5 años


    because some chess lovers are really busy on real life and they cant look chess.com everyday :) it isnt for thinking it is for go on games in busy life :)

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