God's number

Researchers found that "God's Number" for Rubik's Cube (that is the minimum number of moves necessary to get to the solution from any of the possible starting combinations) is 20. Do you think that one day they will come to a number for chess?


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    I guess the question is flawed, because Rubik's Cube is a static puzzle (starting from a given position) and not a dynamic, two-player game that is more of a game theory issue. Assuming the best possible moves (like when two computers are playing against each other) it still boils down to the quality of "move-dialogue". So, the answer should be "It depends..."


    Here the average number of moves comes to: 57.63. (Humans, both sides;  "Humans Number")

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    As a fellow sub-20 speedsolver since last November, and also a starting chess enthusiast, I would have to say that it was already complex enough to find God's number on such a simple concept (programming and code-wise) as a Rubik's cube with computers. The number of positions for chess is exponentially giant, and I think that computers for chess cannot help us very much more (such as for openings and such), but that isn't to say that chess playing computers can't get stronger. I believe that computers will continue to get even stronger, and their search depth will just become too superior for humans to contend with.

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