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  • Hikaru Nakamura vs ChessPanda123 (7 games)

    Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura plays some blitz against an anonymous Grandmaster, likely a super grandmaster, from China with the username chesspanda123. I kibitz 7 blitz games with time control 3|0. The quality of the games is quite high as one migh... | Leer más

  • R.I.P Evgeny Gik

    Evgeny Gik was a hugely popular Soviet and Russian chess author. He died yesterday, seemingly of a sudden stroke, aged 73. I grew up on Gik's books. His writings covered much more than chess - he wrote about many popular number, word and board g... | Leer más

  • CNE Dutch Rapid Ch Sunday 30th of October

    Hi all! This week I am organizing a chess week with lots of activities in my hometown of Amstelveen. Main event will be on Sunday 30th of October when the Dutch Rapid Championships (Men & Women), sponsored by local company CNE ICT Profession... | Leer más

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