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  • hace 13 meses


  • hace 15 meses


    Why is colt marked as a FM?Yell he looks like 12 years old.

  • hace 16 meses


  • hace 16 meses


    at the end of irina crush game why not after Qf5+ Kh8 and after Qc8+ Ng1??

  • hace 16 meses


    Why is ThunderHolt marked as an FM? Yell

  • hace 16 meses


    Just joined, mostly for the USCL, which used to be on ICC. Enjoyed the blitz-style recap, noting the relavent tactics and strategies present. Mr. Rensch's lexicon was also entertaining to hear. The Collyer win was reviewed by me personally and I also saw and asked myself why Re6+ wasn't played as it appeared to be the only move, followed by the knight check.

  • hace 16 meses


    The broadcast was great last night. Sam looked a bit disheveled but even in that sleep deprived state it was highly entertaining! Thanks

  • hace 16 meses


    Great highlights. I'll be looking forward to the full game analysis by GM Yermolinsky!

  • hace 16 meses


    Ty good turning points ^^

  • hace 16 meses


    Danny rules.  

  • hace 16 meses


    Favorite line: "Rinse and repeat like shampoo" !

  • hace 16 meses


    At the 12:16 I think the perpetual can be stopped by kh8 qc8+ ng8

  • hace 16 meses


    @EnterTheDragon -- the live show on Chess.com TV is exactly like this as well!  It's fast paced (for chess) and very exciting. IM Greg Shahade "The Commish"  and his partner FM Mike Klein are superb!  When these games come down to the endgames ... well that's when the thinking caps really get tested.  Last night in one game if the player would have "auto-promoted" to a queen ... it would have resulted in a loss!  So he had to under-promote to a N for draw!

  • hace 16 meses


    Here in Canada 7 days a week our major sports channel recaps the previous days sporting results, events, and highlights in a show that replays all morning called SportsCentre. No matter what your schedule or how busy you are SportsCentre will keep you up to date with nearly any sport you are into. (SportsCentre is almost a religion up here)

    Watching this USCL Week 1- Highlights video really gave me a feeling like I was watching the "SportsCentre of Chess".  Very current.. Great video!

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