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  • hace 2 años


    Thank you Grandmaster Melik Khachiyan.

  • hace 2 años


    nice video - but i was expecting something more traditionally 'calculation'

  • hace 2 años


    Great followup to part 1 - part 3 is getting watched now Wink

  • hace 2 años


    At 14:40-15:30, some great advice from GM Melik about the crucial role being objective regarding the position plays in deciding upon the correct plan!

  • hace 2 años


    The first example of Sokolov was a really nice/instructive one. Indeed it seemed like easy to see. But okay, I make a whole lot more mistakes than that, but I can actually imagine myself seeing this idea in a real game. Thanks for your clear explanations/videos.

  • hace 2 años


    After 7 hours, I'd probably be trying to push the knights in straight lines. LOL. but since I just got here; I understand the points you made. thank you.

  • hace 2 años


    This video will not work for me either. I am told that either there is a "corruption issue" or that the video "used] features your browser did not support." (I am using Chrome.) Anyone else having issues viewing this with Chrome?

  • hace 2 años


    Very helpful and instructive endgame analysis - thanks, Melik!

  • hace 2 años


    Great Video GM MK, great series.  Well done!

  • hace 2 años


    softreacher has a 10 days old comment on a video published today? Either "someone" is bullshitting us, or there's a bug in your code.

  • hace 2 años


    Once again, this wont play on my ipad. It worked a couple hours ago but after the servers were shut down and came back up, it wont play on the chess.com app. Annoying. Please figure out what. The heck the problem is.

  • hace 2 años


  • hace 2 años


    That video is so good

  • hace 3 años


    it was very good. This video helped improve my rating.

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