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  • hace 12 meses


    Towards the end, why not instead of Qh3, instead Qxc5? Leaving an indirect threat on Black's Knight after say Nd6.. ah... maybe Black then has Qg4 threatening mate and White doesn't have a good answer to prevent it. If g3 black has Qf3 or Qh3 with mate next.

  • hace 13 meses


    Always good to have some friendly rivalry otb lol, I've yet to meet a friend in a tournament game but I'm sure it will happen soon... and I will go at him 100% - so kudos for not doing one of those "GrandMaster draws", you went out there with your friend, played something neither of you had been studying up on, and won! Regardless of the result the way you approached the situation is worthy of 2 of these - CoolCool - and the fact you won, that's the bonus!

  • hace 14 meses


    my nick name is also shanky!

  • hace 14 meses


    Good game and you looked after your friend, that`s good.

  • hace 14 meses


    Danny is right! For me, it was fun to see GMs play on opening that us "club" players play frequently.

  • hace 14 meses


    refutation of berlin defense--4.Bxc6 haha

  • hace 14 meses


    anyone else hear a ding around 30 second mark?

  • hace 14 meses

    MF gauranga

    lol, refutation of the Berlin Defense. Can't wait to see it. Wink

    I think Sam would have played the Evans Gambit against 3...Bc5!

  • hace 14 meses

    NM Petrosianic

    thanks for the candid analysis of your game!  i liked that you pointed out what you didn't see in addition to what you did see correctly and incorrectly in addition to going into detail at what you were considering at critical points (when you played b3 and d4 for instance). very good.

  • hace 14 meses


    This was a good game and it brings to mind something about the quality of GM play ... you guys find the only move in most or almost all the situations where an only move (the old 'box' in the Informant notation) is needed or a series of only moves are necessary.  When there is that one slip, as you noted, it's enough to win.  Nice game!

  • hace 14 meses


    My last month with this website if the problem isn't resolved and I can't watch these videos on my ipad

  • hace 14 meses


    Very nice game and easy to follow thanks to your analysis!

  • hace 14 meses


    This was a very interesting game and an instructive analysis - thanks for sharing!

  • hace 14 meses


    Thanks to the "boss" (aka Danny) for making Sam show this game, it was quite instructional to follow.

  • hace 14 meses


    Nice game, it's in the theme of other fried liver videos recently. I play this as black and the more I see it the more I hate it. I mainly play the 2 knights to avoid something like evans' gambit, did you want to play that against bc5 or is that too noobish :P?

  • hace 14 meses

    MI DanielRensch

    This really was a fun game, and a great video! Thanks Sam Laughing!


  • hace 14 meses


    Nice game! I play Bd3 as well in this variation, so it was nice to see a current GM game with this line.

    I ran this game through Deep Fritz and you managed to play every recommended move after the opening cleared, lol must be nice!

    If you want more info on that crazy sharp variation after black plays the early Ng4, Roman Dzindzi did an in depth video on it back in 2009! Start at 19:00; http://www.chess.com/video/player/trend-breaking-novelties-italian-game

    Thanks for the video!

  • hace 14 meses


    Nice video Sam! Anyone know where to get the pgn games of this tournment? Thanks

  • hace 14 meses


    It might be me but .. it always sounded to me like he's saying "young Ludwig" :) , great game - it's nice to see GM's playing this opening I got some ideas dealing with the fried liver , Thanks!

  • hace 14 meses


    A really fun game to watch, thanks.  Good presentation too; thank God your infatuation with ennui seems to be finally coming to a close.

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