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  • hace 7 semanas


    Good!....Dec. 15, 2014

  • hace 15 meses


    hey Danny!!! unleash the chinese Dragon!!! it is time now

  • hace 16 meses


    good video

  • hace 20 meses


    where is the next part ??

  • hace 21 meses


    Please sir, some more P.S. 101


  • hace 22 meses


    Fantastic video!  Thoroughly enjoyed the historical approach - evolution.  The history of this game is so rich.

    Just watched for 3rd time and I think finally every detail is seared into my brain matter permanently..  szzzz..  ahhh..  hahaha

    Really looking forward to Chinese and 9.0-0-0 parts!

  • hace 23 meses


    Daniel, this video is very timely and useful to me, but I am writing to say that this format, where you follow the evolution of an opening over time is very instructive and help us understand specific move choices ("why can't I do this?"). I highly encourage chess.com coaches to follow that approach when teaching an opening in video format. Thank you.

  • hace 23 meses


    Daniel, thank you for explaining the reasons behind the directional attack at the end of the video.  That was really helpful.

  • hace 23 meses


    I thought it was "Check, checkmate"

  • hace 23 meses


    March 1st...still wont video play

  • hace 23 meses


    Great video, I actually started to play the Dragon (Soltis variation) since a while, but I might need to reconsider. White's position seems to be a lot easier to play and it makes a lot of sense. 

  • hace 23 meses


    how can I - what can I say - before seeing the conclusion ?

  • hace 23 meses


    Great video! A thousand thanks! It's obvious after your explanation of the evolution of ideas so I wonder why nobody actually writes opening books like this. The understanding gained would surely mean the lines would be better understood and remembered! Anyway thanks again...

  • hace 23 meses


    I cant wait for the chinese dragon! If i hadn't seen the rest of the video I would said HUH??? to Rb8, very nice video.

  • hace 23 meses


    The explanation of the pawn having to be on the 5th rank before being considered a finger pointing in the direction of attack elucidated an important point for me. I have watched most of the videos on pawn structure and read articles and books on the subject and am finally beginning to understand it, thanx 2 u!

  • hace 23 meses


    that pawn to g5 was awesome haha

  • hace 23 meses


    Love your work on this site Danny, thanks a lot!

  • hace 23 meses


    Epic video! I would like to see more like this, showing stem games and the evolution of the opening theory. Thanks Danny.

  • hace 23 meses


    Brilliant....can't wait for part 2

  • hace 23 meses


    next level stuff

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