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  • hace 12 meses


    Can you make another video abou the hedgehog? I want to learn more about this interesting video. Thanks

  • hace 13 meses

    MI DanielRensch

    Thanks everyone :)

  • hace 13 meses


    VERY instructive and nice game. I really enjoyed it and learned from it :)

  • hace 16 meses


    that was an amazing yermolinksy impression. just with a little deeper voice and you'll have it nailed.

  • hace 23 meses


    it is goo-stow

  • hace 24 meses


    shoot the "god" is here

  • hace 2 años


    First class teaching Danny, thanks for taking the time to show the quality of your play and give us something to aspire to.

  • hace 2 años


  • hace 2 años


    Great game, very instructive. loved it.

  • hace 2 años


    thank yu xd

  • hace 2 años


    I can't get enough of your live sessions. Thanks for another great game!

  • hace 2 años


    Another live session! Well, no-one can never stop Danny from doing what his guts tell him huh? Well.. I did say that I wanted these kind of things in youtube, but I guess occasional mixes are alright..

  • hace 2 años


    you need to work on your Australian accent lol

  • hace 2 años


    "He chose ... poorly," is certainly Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Does anybody else ever wonder what's in Danny's Kool-Aid?

  • hace 2 años


    Wow! Amazing as always. Looking forward for more and more of your videos...

  • hace 2 años


    So, the Bxc5 Nxc2 Ke2 thing works out well for white - looks like black has to give the exchange back right away with Rd4, white has to take it, and you end up with a knight ending, and it's all very tricky but white looks for choice (to me, after a minute or two of looking at it). Fine. Of course, seeing all that is pretty hard.


    During the video, though, I was confused at your 'tactic' for a different reason - it seemed fine to me (I totally missed Ke2 trapping the rook as well), but I thought white can just play Re2 and you can't do anything other than trade down, getting a position really similar to what you would have by just trading on e3 right away.

  • hace 2 años


    "...three leprechauns short of a riddle."
    I was laughing pretty hard over that one. You're a riot a minute Danny! Although it'd be nicer if you could start being five riots every 3 minutes from now on.

    P.S. I believe the word "gusto" is pronounced 'guh-stow'. Merriam-Webster online is great for checking that sort of thing, as they have downloadable audio pronunciations for most of their words.

  • hace 2 años


    Gusto is pronounced "Gus Toe". As in, "when Gus stubbed his toe he did not have a feeling of gusto."

    Love your commentary, Danny. You're my favorite video author on Chess.com.

    weeverrm; yes, I've been having trouble getting video lessons to play on my ipad and I find it very annoying.

  • hace 2 años


    @jpramirez, ACEChess:  David is leaving?!  Oh No!  This is the first I'd heard.  Sad face :(.  Is there a blog post or video where David says his farewell that someone could post a link to?

  • hace 2 años


    danny must be so popular bc i check each day for new videos and already 30 comments on this video.  dan you have a lot of fans and im one of them.  we lost david, so who can we expect to have you hosting with during the live hosting you guys did together?

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