• hace 19 meses


    I wish I could play on a high level (above 2200). haven't gotten there yet. not even close. unfortunately it takes years. 

  • hace 3 años


    Best video coach,thank you Raman

  • hace 3 años


    Very complex game but made entertaining by the story and colourful analysis!

  • hace 3 años


    Great video. Roman is the king of chess.

  • hace 3 años


    bb7 would have been better, pinning the queen and rook

  • hace 3 años


    I wish moves were explained instead of just executed. If I watch a live game of two masters without commentary then I usually don't learn anything :/ (and my memory is way too bad to remember complete games, any... I have to get it from understanding).

  • hace 3 años



  • hace 3 años


    Be patient, arumgam, some of these videos I've had to watch over and over and over again until my simian-like brain could follow what was going on.  After a year and a half as a member, I can usually follow along with most videos, even if I can't always replicate the magic in my own games.  GM Dzindzi is one of the best video authors.  To be fair, this is an advanced video talking about a cutting-edge, hot-off-the-presses game between some of the best super-GM players in the world.  If this material was plain vanilla to you, then you'd probably be a GM yourself.

  • hace 3 años


    moves are a little fast for the beginner like me.

  • hace 3 años


    Exciting variation!  I love how the strong moves were understood by the Chinese grandmaster!

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