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  • hace 10 meses


    At around the 16min mark where you are looking at Nxpawn and c3, why not Bxb8 followed by d7? 

    Edit: I see a few other people found this. Nevermind.

  • hace 11 meses

    MI dpruess

    pulpopaz, both are good to analyze. any mistakes of yours are worth thinking about. :-)

    bbjjoorrnn, i might make more videos like this in the future, but they'd probably be on my youtube channel.

  • hace 11 meses


    Is it good to take time and analyze a blunder, or rather a positional inaccuracy?

  • hace 11 meses


    exelent video Smile, can you please make one for 1400+  my raiting is 1750

  • hace 16 meses

    MI dpruess

    I don't know, Ryan. I'm not making videos for this site anymore.

  • hace 17 meses


    Very helpful video! Both systematic and clear. Just adopted the mistake journal idea. Are there going to be any more videos in this series for 1400+ players?

  • hace 19 meses

    MI dpruess

    i would not suggest using computer analysis, i think it's bad for you.

  • hace 21 meses


    Thanks David:)

  • hace 22 meses


    is computer analysis is a healthy tool?

  • hace 2 años


    Excellent teacher, love your videos!

  • hace 2 años

    MI dpruess

    how to plan and how to analyze yourself are two separate disciplines. but there are examples which are overlaps: for example, analyzing a position where you were trying to decide on a plan will both improve your planning and your understanding of any shortcomings in your own planning thought-process.

  • hace 2 años


    5 star instruction, I think this is better than any video I have seen on how to plan, which is ironic when you consider the idea is teach you how to analyse a position. Are they both the same I wonder.

  • hace 2 años


    Haven't finished watching this, but so far so good.  David's typical thoughtful teaching style: not too many words, and very well chosen!

  • hace 2 años

    MI dpruess

    you can learn something by analyzing any chess moves or position, including your opponents moves. but you are not going to learn about what your mistakes are from analyzing anyone else's moves.

  • hace 2 años


    This was really helpfull! Thanks!

    Also, would it help if we also looked at our opponents' mistakes and saw some better moves for them?

  • hace 2 años


    Thank you, the video is really good.

  • hace 2 años


    Nice stuff there! I liked the lesson learned in regard to opening lines. I will be incorperating analyzing my own games into my study.

  • hace 2 años

    MI dpruess

    yeah, if you want to improve, and just playing you are staying at a steady level... it may be time to do some of the "dirty work" of studying that few ppl have the stomach for :-P

  • hace 2 años


    Definitely appreciate the video.....I have hit a roadblock in my progress....and it may be attributed to my lack of knowledge when analyzing my own games....Excellent video!!!! Have to slow down my volume of games and do the dirty work and study.....

  • hace 2 años


    A bit more applicable for my level than your first one, but I think the next one will benefit me the most, a good lesson overall though!

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