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  • hace 24 meses


    Geller winning the Russian Championship at age 54 means there is still hope for me. Of course, I couldn't play a game like the one shown here at age 20. So I have a lot of work to do.

  • hace 2 años


    Fantastic game from a terrific player. He was second to Spassky and mentor to many GMs including Anatoly Karpov. Nice to know that he was a charming and friendly person. He was also a handsome guy too. Waiting for more videos. Thank you very much GM Dzindzichashvili.

  • hace 2 años


    Amazing game and crazy attack with the heavy pieces! It's also nice to hear that Efim Geller wasn't only just a class chess player but a top bloke away from the tables too - the world is too short of genuinely nice people like this... great game and story Smile

  • hace 2 años


    surreal game

  • hace 2 años



  • hace 2 años


    first page!

  • hace 2 años


    How nice to see, that there no comments like "1st page", "First", etc. Thanks you, Diamonds!

  • hace 2 años


    Roman you are too humble, You are one of the Greatest players in the history of the game of chess! LOL!

  • hace 2 años


    awesome! thanks romam! you're the man!

  • hace 2 años


    {#emotions_dlg.tongue-out}. Use left and right arrows to navigate.

  • hace 2 años


    Another interesting presentation and history of a great chess player.

  • hace 2 años



  • hace 2 años


    16... gxf6

  • hace 2 años


    Roman, if you want to do 15 more videos on Geller, I promise I will be watching!

  • hace 2 años


    I couldn't stop thinking about the Keres' game last time ... now part 2 of Efim Geller ... Roman you are doing such a great job in this series!  So important so critical for us to know and appreciate these great players! thanks !

  • hace 2 años


    There is no video since 15 day

  • hace 2 años


    what a treasure roman is! 

    living history

  • hace 2 años


    @TetsuoShima I understand what You are saying:-) I was talking about the theoretical contributions in Kings indian more than praxis. Although all the players I ve mentioned were great Kid practicioners as well. Bronstein and Boleslavski brought Kid to the big scene after WW2 and Gligoric invented both his variation for white in

    Classic Kid and the Mar del Plata variation all together in 1953.

    If we focus more about the results most likely Fischer and Kasparov have the best

    Scores with black pieces in the Kid.

    I like Geller's style, as much as Stein's, for their ambitious play.

    Funny enough, the very first book about KID that I had was Geller's "Staroindiska zascita" from 1980, its a great read

    even today.

    GM Roman makes extraordinary entertaining videos, especially

    useful for young players who often do not know much about the history

    of chess or chess legends. This series is probably my favourite on chess.com

  • hace 2 años


    igyzz but even if he were incorrect, i think its much better to hear the honest opinion instead of something that is acceptable to everyone.

  • hace 2 años


    well iggyz well i think you are  wrong, not that i want to suck up to mr Dzindzichashvili. But You cant really compare the strenght of Najdorf to such greats of Geller and Fischer. 

    Also Gligoric even so he is really great i still think Geller and Fischer were still a number better, boleslavsky i cant remember but i think he was not that good. Yes Bronstein was great and yes i know everyone loves him and he was really strong but i personally think Geller and Fischer were  better.

    Thats just my personal opion ofc and im a Patzer.

    Well i dont know Geller and Kasparov that well, but i would believe that Kasparov was way more opportunistic with his openig choices were Geller and Fischer really put his heart into it, and therefore were better in that particular opening. 

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