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  • hace 2 meses

    CM Iamwell

    nice~ I'm wondering instead of Rf1, what about Qf1 to attack the h3 pawn?

  • hace 10 meses

    GM dbojkov

    Yes, it is :)

  • hace 10 meses

    NM NoRematch

    This game is annotated in My Chess Career.  Smile

  • hace 18 meses


    Thank you Coach Dejan.

  • hace 21 meses


  • hace 22 meses


    What a brilliant game!! Ace analysis to complement a great video - and the mic - anyone heard of echo!?... empty room... a HUMAN making the video not a machine... who cares about the mic quality when the REAL quality is in the game and the analysis Wink, thanks GM Bojkov!

  • hace 22 meses


    Absolutley beautiful and systematic!  I loved the video!

  • hace 22 meses

    NM Splane

    FYI: Following up on your opening speculation about whether or not the game was ever published:

    The position beginning where Capablanca trades his knight on f4 for the bishop on d3 is discussed in Shereshevsky's book,"Endgame Strategy."  

    Shereshevsky notes that the game is included in Capablanca's book, "My Chess Career" but does not tell us if the game was annotated or not.

  • hace 22 meses


    brilliant play by C... damn

  • hace 22 meses


    No video unless you can now support adobe flash player.:-(

  • hace 22 meses


    Nokia lumia 920 doesnt Play vidéos arrrrkkk

  • hace 22 meses


  • hace 22 meses


    Classic Capa, very nice video, never noticed the mic was immersed in the game.

  • hace 22 meses


    Very nice game with lots of ideas.

  • hace 22 meses


    Nice video.

    Black's knight taking the bishop on d3 does strengthen the h3 square where the pawn is destined. Once there the pawn is killer.

    I also liked the switch to the queenside with p-a5. Not my first or second or third idea considered. Very instructive.



  • hace 22 meses


    It's a poor mic.  A good quality mic with a pop filter would eliminate all problems.

    lol pop filter does not reduce reverberations of an empty room. pop filter reduces the proximity effect which is: as closer you get to the mic the louder P's you are going to hear...

  • hace 22 meses


    Very clear and easy to follow... and nice tunnel effect .. :D thank you.

  • hace 22 meses

    GM dbojkov

    The mic is good, the apartment is empty. You will hear the differenc ein the next videos.


  • hace 22 meses


    It's a poor mic.  A good quality mic with a pop filter would eliminate all problems.

  • hace 22 meses


    I love the video, but why do so many sound like they were recorded in a tunnel?

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