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    • Unfortunate things happened

      Two three days ago! I  logged in and I saw a new msg came from a stranged id profile, with no name(it was some alphabets only-like for eg. asdferwfg). I opened that- It showed that wrong profile id and it has been deleted, Thereafter It was not n... | Leer más

      • patdad
      • | 06/03/2014
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    • Help

      guys there is some technical difficulties i have been experiencing and that is i cant move my pieces and i dont know why but i join a tournament in live chess just an hour ago and i was forced to forfeit please help me fix this problem so that i c... | Leer más

      • zalligator
      • | 25/11/2013
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    • I Don't Want To Stalemate--Ever Again!

      [Blog History]      Typically, something I’ve done in the past, a couple of weeks in advance of a Candidates Tournament, was to address each player’s recent play, try to predict a winner, then write a summary. I would also offer projectio... | Leer más

    • fair play

      the has now become the one of the  site or the No1. site to play live chess. And its fair paly policy helps people to be honest with tthe game itself. | Leer más

    • How to Master the In's and Out's of Live Chess

      Dear Members,   Today i am writing an article on "Live Chess",  a detailed blog that will outline and explain almost every aspect of "Live Chess" and its counterparts.   I will be doing this from a "Full screen premium view" ... | Leer más

      • Hydra
      • | 08/05/2012
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  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Leer más »

  • King's Gambit

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    The King's Gambit is a chess opening characterised by very lively and aggresive play which is the case for most gambits. It has been very popular in the 19th century, the era of romatic chess, where attacking chess was at his peak. Nowdays it is ... Leer más »


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    A lot of players choose to play the french defence in order to slow down the action in the center and hope to play a quiet position. Ladies and gents, here's how you can go ALL IN against the french, especially in blitz! Leer más »


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    The 'touch-move' rule is [particularly] used in live 'face-to-face'-type (OTB [Over The Board]) tournament- and/or match-format play.  Its use is less common in most formats of internet-chess.  It most likely evolved not only from 'formal'-... Leer más »

  • Chigorin, Mikhail

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    Mikhail Ivanovich Chigorin (1850-1908), was born on November 12 (October 31, Old Style), 1850 near St. Petersburg.   In 1860, he parents died and at the age of 10, he became an orphan.  In 1867, at the age 16, he learned chess from his school t... Leer más »