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  • Spicy Gambits

    Gambits are an important part of chess. Although most of them come from White’s initiative, there are also many sound counter gambits for Black that have developed over time. Understanding how to play with and against gambits is important fo... | Leer más

  • The Caro-Kann: Modern Times

    In part 1 of this series on the Caro-Kann, I discussed the earliest beginnings of the opening, the origin of the name, and its first adoption by top players. It is always fascinating to learn about the beginnings of these openings, which today see... | Leer más

  • Exclusive Peek: Modernized: The Open Sicilian

      Modernized: The Open Sicilian by IM Zhanibek Amanov & FM Kostya Kavutskiy This book is the second in the Modernized series, as last year MetroChess released Modernized: The King's Indian Defense&nbs... | Leer más

  • The Scandinavian Defense: Modern Play

    In part 1 of "The Scandinavian Defense: A History," we learned about the earliest beginnings of the Scandinavian Defense, and also saw some games with the slightly less usual 2...Nf6 in response to 2.exd5. Now we will see how the Scandinavi... | Leer más

  • Find Your Own "Miracle" Opening!

    The year was 1985.  Garry Kasparov just became the world champion, and together with his mentor, ex-world champion Mikhail Botvinnik, he was running the first session of the famous Botvinnik-Kasparov school. A group of young aspiring c... | Leer más

    • NEW! 7th Simul with Awards!

      Hello everyone! Here is the post about new, seventh simul which will be held at May 24. I'm already had an experience of six awesome events, experimenting with recording it as well as trying to find interesting and useful puzzles to solve in eac... | Leer más

    • Typical mistake: studying the opening wrong (and too much!)

      When we play a game and we find ourselves lost for plans, we often try to solve this problem by studying the opening of that game.   This is not the best way to study this!   By "study", see if you can relate to any of the following: You st... | Leer más

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    • Maryland Open 2015

      There are two reasons I love playing in MD Chess Association tournaments held at the Rockville Hilton: one, it is a very comfortable playing environment, and two, I've played there three times in the last year and have never left without a prize. ... | Leer más

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    • Whats on my bookshelf

      There is a forum topic with the title "What is on your bookshelf". So i`ll answer it here (from the left to the right): "Fundamental chess openings" by Paul van der Sterren The german edition of "Chess openings for kids" by John Watson and Gra... | Leer más

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    • Prodigy Program - May 2015 Registration Open!

      This is a fully updated article regarding University's Prodigy Program. Please read this post in its entirety if you are a new student or a prospective student wanting to join the program in May. Most importantly, registration for all t... | Leer más

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  • Black Knight's Tango

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    The Black Knights' Tango (also known as the Mexican Defense or Kevitz–Trajkovic Defense) is a chess opening beginning with the moves: 1. d4 Nf62. c4 Nc6This position can also be reached by transposition, for example 1.c4 Nf6, 1.d4 ... Leer más »

  • Modern Benoni

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    The Modern Benoni is a chess opening that begins with the moves 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6. It is classified under the ECO codes A60–A79. After the initial moves, Black proceeds to capture on d5, creating a majority of black pawns... Leer más »

  • Old Indian Defense

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    The Old Indian Defense is a chess opening defined by the moves: 1. d4 Nf62. c4 d6This opening is distinguished from the King's Indian Defense by Black developing his king's bishop on e7 rather than the fianchetto at g7. Mikhail Chigo... Leer más »

  • East Indian Defence

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    The East Indian Defence is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1. d4 Nf62. Nf3 g6[1] This opening has a close kinship to the more-common King's Indian Defence and is often considered a variant thereof. The difference is that Whi... Leer más »

  • Wade Defense

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    The Wade Defence is a chess opening characterised by the initial moves: 1. d4 d62. Nf3 Bg4The position can also arise from the move order 1.Nf3 d6 2.d4 Bg4. The opening is named after British IM Bob Wade[1] (1921–2008), originall... Leer más »