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Caro-Kann Defensa: Bronstein-Larsen Variación

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  • hace 16 meses


  • hace 3 años


    Wanted to try it but my opponent played 5.Ng3.

  • hace 4 años


    White can try to castle queen side where there isn't a half open file with a rook jumping down the throat. Since the knight is gone already it will be just as fast as king side

  • hace 5 años


    Black can now place its rook on the g file but has doubled pawns on the f file. If whitew castles king side then black can launch an attack on the kingside.

  • hace 5 años


    Here is how I think the position continues:

  • hace 5 años


    Perfectly acceptable.

  • hace 5 años


    Its called the Sicilian Blunder Defense black concedes space for more center pawns that can't do anything because of his space deficit

  • hace 5 años


    Infact after c4, fritz played e5!

  • hace 5 años


    It looks a good opening for white in my opinion. The thign that surprises though, is that only one person has played c4. Before I look at the continuations, I normally cover them over, and look at what I would play next. I would play 6. c4. Can anyone tell me why this is not so good?

  • hace 5 años


    Love this sharp continuation.

  • hace 6 años


    what is the weak point of following opening

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