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Only 3 Spots Remaining in London Chess Classic

  • MF MikeKlein
  • on 13/09/13 08:15.

More than three-quarters of the 16 spots for the 5th London Chess Classic have now been filled. The festival will take place from December 7-15, 2013, with the marquee event running for the final five days.

GM Fabiano Caruana, GM Boris Gelfand, GM Peter Svidler, and GM Judit Polgar accepted their invitations last week. GM Vladimir Kramnik was already committed, as was GM Hikaru Nakamura.


The tournament will not be a classical time control this year. The organizers said this is to accomodate GM Viswanathan Anand, who will have just finished the world championship match in India (GM Magnus Carlsen is not currently on this list of players). The rapid event will be a hybrid "knockout" style, with advancement coming after six games of group play. See the format here.

The best half-dozen English players have also confirmed their participation: GM Luke McShane, GM Michael Adams, GM Nigel Short, GM Matthew Sadler, GM Gawain Jones and GM David Howell. This leaves only three spots left to be filled.


The Classic will again have a chess festival, including a FIDE Open and Women's Invitational.


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  • hace 18 meses


    How do I submit my application?  :-p

  • hace 18 meses


    another tournament with the wrong name, like nawa607 said the tournament must be renamed

    I will not follow it

  • hace 18 meses


    I hope Karjakin, Grishuck and Ivanchuck will play this tournament.

  • hace 18 meses


    Very interesting that they switched time controls.  Might be a palatable medium for viewing live with the chess team at my university now.  I do prefer classical time controls, however, as they allow for better quality chess.  This may still be exciting to follow.

  • hace 18 meses


    Too bad they had to switch to rapid time controls. I was looking forward to actually following the event. Now the event doesn't really matter.

  • hace 18 meses


    This will ruin the memory of great London classic we had last year.

  • hace 18 meses


    I am still waiting for my invite. Must have got lost in the post again. That is what happened last year.

  • hace 18 meses



  • hace 18 meses


    Wait what are the time controls?

    The London Chesss Classic is a rapid event?!?!

    RIP Quality Chess

  • hace 18 meses


    I agree with SonofPearl and Nawa607!

    Twobit, let's make a joint offer to the organizers and share expenses!

  • hace 18 meses


    The event has to be renamed "London Chess Rapid", then. So disappointing!

  • hace 18 meses


    I have to say that I'm hugely disappointed that the tournament will not be at classical time controls this year.  Could Anand not have been excused this time?

  • hace 18 meses


    Well, let me check my schedule...

  • hace 18 meses


    Go Gelfand take out the british!

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