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FIDE Geneva Grand Prix Round 10

  • SonofPearl
  • on 15/05/13 09:18.


Official Website Report - Bela Khotenashvili overtakes Anna Muzychuk in the lead

In the tenth round of Neva Fondation Women Grand Prix Georgian player Bela Khotenashvili confidently won against Kateryna Lagno and is half a point ahead of Anna Muzychuk, who drew with Viktorija Cmilyte. Tatiana Kosintseva drew against Anna Ushenina and remains in third place before the last round. Nana Dzagnidze defeated Ju Wenjun and shares fourth place with Anna Ushenina one point behind Tatiana Kosintseva. Olga Girya and Tuvshintugs Batchimeg made a relatively quick draw while Alexandra Kosteniuk and Hou Yifan played 6 hours to finish their game in a draw.

The standings after 10 rounds

# Name Elo Fed Pts
1 Bela Khotenashvili 2505 GEO 8
2 Anna Muzychuk 2585 SLO
3 Tatiana Kosintseva 2517 RUS
4 Nana Dzagnidze 2545 GEO
5 Wenjun Ju 2544 CHN 6
6 Anna Ushenina 2491 UKR 6
7 Kateryna Lagno 2548 UKR
8 Yifan Hou 2617 CHN 5
9 Alexandra Kosteniuk 2491 RUS 5
10 Viktorija Cmilyte 2522 LTU
11 Tuvshintugs Batchimeg 2298 MGL
12 Olga Girya 2463 RUS 2


Cmilyte-Muzychuk 1/2-1/2

IMG 0929

Viktorija Cmilyte got slightly better position with White due to a space advantage. She could have tried to get another pawn structure after 17.c5 but decided to open the c-file. Anna Muzychuk managed to exchange a few pieces and equalized the position. She made a risky decision 26…Qc8. The Lithuanian player could get a big advantage after 28.Qb3 Re2 29.Nc3 and if Re3 then 30.Nd5! Both players were under time pressure when Viktorija got another opportunity to win a pawn after 36. de Qg5 37.Qe4. Instead of this she played 36.Rf2 and Anna Muzychuk got better chances in the endgame. After the inaccurate 50…Kg7 White found a way to make a draw.



Khotenashvili-Lagno 1-0

IMG 0935

Kateryna Lagno chose to play Queen's-Indian against her opponent but it seems Bela Khotenashvili was quite well prepared for the opening. 13…Ne2 was a mistake as Black can do nothing but lose a pawn in all variations. According to Lagno, she simply missed Rd1 and it was hard for her to find any decent move after that. The Georgian player didn’t leave any chance for Katerina to survive after 21.Ne5.



Kosintseva-Ushenina 1/2-1/2

IMG 0960
The theoretical battle between the players started long time ago but in the last game between same opponents Anna Ushenina chose to play 10…Ne5. 13. Nd5 has never happened in their games before and was prepared by Tatiana Kosintseva at home. Anna Ushenina reacted very well and didn’t let her opponent to create real threats on the King’s side. The game finished with three-fold repetition after 24 moves.



Dzagnidze-Ju 1-0

IMG 0903
Nana Dzagnidze didn’t expect her opponent to choose Dutch Defence and had prepared mainly for the Kings-Indian. However, Ju Wenjun got quite comfortable position with Black. It was not a type of position which Nana prefers to play and the Georgian player said during the press-conference that she was suffering. Ju Wenjun played 21...b5 at one point and let White’s pieces to have more space for maneuvers. The Georgian player found good counter play and later on managed to simplify the game into the winning endgame with opposite color bishops.



Kosteniuk-Hou 1/2-1/2

IMG 0955
A very complicated game and the longest of the round, between two former world champions. After the opening Alexandra could not find the right plan and “was choosing strange moves”, as she pointed out during the press-conference. White lost a pawn but was hoping to get some counter chances due to bishop pair. Black missed some opportunities to get a huge advantage and the players ended up in a very complicated endgame with unbalanced material (2 bishops, knight and 4 pawns against rook, bishop and 6 pawns). After 95 moves players agreed a draw.



Batchimeg - Girya 1/2-1/2



The last round will start at 12 a.m. local time.

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  • hace 19 meses


    Khotenash... what attacking flair, even though Legno made plenty of mistakes in giving up 2 pawns for free, Khotenash gave back the material at the right time to open up the black King's position forcing the King to flee Queenside and trap the black rook... she gains 2 linked pawns on the 6th file for a Knight, a winning advantage. Beautiful game.

  • hace 19 meses


    @Zinsch - well spotted. Smile The final round was earlier, I believe, so the official site must have updated the standings before I had a chance to pick them up for the penultimate round! I'll post the final press release from the official site later today.

  • hace 19 meses


    The standings at the top of this article are already the final standings after 11 rounds.

  • hace 19 meses


    It seems to me Hou is gearing herself up for the match with Ushenina this fall. Being prepared for long tough games is fine, but she should also be prepared to roll her off the board if given chances, as she had against Kosteniuk. Gotta use chances instead of playing down to draw draw form.

  • hace 20 meses


    Amazing game between Kosteniuk and Hou.

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