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Chess.com to Host 2013 US Chess League

  • MF MikeKlein
  • on 05/08/13 10:08.

The ninth season of the United States Chess Leaguebeginning later this month, will for the first time be hosted solely by Chess.com LLC. Starting with week one matches on August 27 and 28, the only place to see the country's best masters in action will be at Chess.com's Live Chess Server. As there was last year, there will also be top-flight weekly commentary from titled players on Chess.com/tv. Look to the US Chess League website for their complete season schedule, and check out the games on Chess.com every Tuesday and Wednesday evening for the 10 weeks of the regular season play, and three weeks of playoffs.



The exclusive partnership between the USCL and Chess.com replaces the previous viewership at the Internet Chess Club, which the league used since its inception in 2005. The two sites split hosting rights last season before Chess.com acquired the offical rights during this offseason.

"Our relationship with the Internet Chess Club has been wonderful and we are grateful to have spent the first eight years of the league at the ICC, but at this point we feel like Chess.com is the right place to feature the league," USCL Commishioner Greg Shahade said in a statement to league managers and officials this morning.


International Master Greg Shahade, USCL Founder.


"We are very excited about this partnership and Chess.com is fully committed to helping the league grow and putting on the most exciting product for their members," he said. 

Shahade added that he expects "significantly more viewers" each week since fans do not need a paid membership to be able to watch the league. Chess.com currently has more than 7 million members. Chess.com also plans to provide weekly recap videos. They will highight the popular "Game of the Week" contest and blanket social media with news from the league. 

Week one features all intra-divisional play, with teams trying to start off right in the new four-division format. Tune in to Chess.com/tv Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern as the Carolina Cobras and Miami Sharks play the kickoff match to the 2013 season.

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  • hace 19 meses



  • hace 20 meses


    Thank you! This site keeps getting better and better.

  • hace 20 meses


    Yes! Can't wait! Lets see if the Blitz can do it this year

  • hace 20 meses


    This is GREAT !

  • hace 20 meses


    I am ready for the games to begin!

  • hace 20 meses


    The cool thing is that my kid will be able to watch her coaches play for the returning champion Seattle Sluggers!

  • hace 20 meses


    & nice

  • hace 20 meses


    Chess.com have come along way. And continually moving on forward. A humble beginning, a strong performance. 

  • hace 20 meses


    good news.

  • hace 20 meses


    Woo hoo! 

  • hace 20 meses

    MI Cryptochess

    Questions: How will takebacks now be handled? Is there a resign confirmation now? Will rules for disconnections change as a result of chess.com handling disconnections differently than ICC does time-wise?

  • hace 20 meses


    On the chat tab of each game, you can click the "Detach" button to the left of the "X" (Close) button to pop the game out into its own window.  Then, you can arrange these windows so you can see multiple games at once.

  • hace 20 meses


    Will we be able to watch more than one game simultaneously? On ICC, I could easily see, on the same screen, all four games played by my favorite team. Or even more than four games if I wanted to watch other teams as well. I think I noticed, but I hope I'm wrong, that this feature was not available on chess.com's coverage of USCL.

  • hace 20 meses


    i try to chiba area and make basement for chess, some stream active in japan, also me establish chess culture continually this area. i gain the prize then effectively use for chess value to spread in this area.

    chiba japan toshishige so so.

  • hace 20 meses


    Seriously good news!

  • hace 20 meses

    NM Petrosianic


  • hace 20 meses


    I'm down

  • hace 20 meses


    Chess.com is the best, modestly.

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  • hace 20 meses


    Would be really cool if there was a Google hangout live from each team's playing site.

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