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Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in 12 Seconds

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 24/01/14 13:45.

Magnus Carlsen only needed 12 seconds on the clock to checkmate the second richest man in the world, Bill Gates. As we reported earlier, Carlsen was to meet the founder of Microsoft, billionaire and philantropist as guests in the talkshow Skavlan. The show was recorded on Thursday and part of it was a game of chess, which didn't last very long.

Image: NRK/YouTube

For this blitz game, played in a studio in London, Carlsen was given 30 seconds on the clock against 2 minutes for Gates. The American billionaire opened with 1.e4, but didn't start the clock. Carlsen positioned his pieces, then started his own clock and played 1...Nc6. It was soon over:

Here's a video of the game, which was posted earlier today on Youtube and has been watched over 77K times already!

Gates had 1 minute and 10 seconds left at the end, while Carlsen still had 18 seconds left and so only used 12 seconds. (In fact he lost about 2 when he tipped over a pawn on move 2, and it seems he also needed about 2 seconds to stop the clock!) Obviously the difference in strength was so huge that chess fans won't be that surprised, but for the rest of the world “Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in 12 Seconds” probably sounds quite astonishing!

Norwegian TV channel NRK posted a report on the show and the game, where it says that “Carlsen had to admit that he had to break one of his own principles, namely not to use cheap tricks to win.” The world champion was obviously referring to the move 7...Ne5, which wasn't correct but did bring him a very quick checkmate.

In the TV show Carlsen also spoke about teaching Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg chess, a week before. The Norwegian felt that “[Zuckerberg] was much better after an hour.” To the question whether he's friends with Zuckerberg on Facebook, Carlsen replied: “No, I do not accept everyone on Facebook!” 

Skavlan is a Norwegian-Swedish television talk show hosted by Norwegian journalist Fredrik SkavlanPrevious guests in the show include Michael Palin, Sinead O'Connor, Wyclef Jean, Judit Polgar, Bruno Mars, Ruby Wax, Robbie Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Dawkins, Kevin Costner, Will Smith and David Guetta. Carlsen had been a guest in the show more than once before.

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  • hace 3 meses


    MC Hammer :)

  • hace 3 meses


    i think bill gates 's opening was very weak i am not criticizing him it was too easy for carlsen to beat him

  • hace 3 meses


    i really dont know wat to say about this.  Who agrees that if they played a standard game, and carlsen used that cheap trick, bill would have lost in more moves?  Good job to bill gates btw, but carlsen, im still a fan

  • hace 10 meses


    That's good :) we all know that the expirience of bill gates is low than the chess world champion . It's ok bill gate . ur cool, u hava expirience to challenge the world champion . :D

  • hace 13 meses


    Hello Bill, now that you've left the Board of Microsoft you must have some spare time, why don't you stop training with Chess Titans and get yourself a better coach? You sure can afford it!

  • hace 13 meses



    @evolutionrevolution ... You are from US. You are obsolete.


    @milospantovic - LOL, coming from a person from Serbia. I think you mean that Yugoslavia is obsolete.

  • hace 13 meses


    Geez, can we not talk about dubious politics and ideology? Gates sucked at chess this game but he has done some brilliant stuff. Also, as someone who has a little bit of insight to this stuff (and as an independent), right wingers do not actually believe that rich people are economic superheroes. Rather, the logic is just that if you are making millions of dollars, people are willing to pay you millions of dollars for your work. Thus, what you produce while working is worth millions.

  • hace 13 meses


    Seems like Mr Gates' chess ability is about equal to the standard of his windows software... :-p

  • hace 13 meses


    Since a user-friendly Linux is something relatively new, I suppose that without Bill Gates it would of been a Mac(OS) world. (excuse my English)

  • hace 13 meses



  • hace 13 meses


    I think most people seem to be underestimating just how good someone like Carlsen really is. Aside from a deeper understanding of chess and great tactical ability, the thing that distinguished masters (of any strength) from the rest of us is the process of candidate move selection. And that is a huge advantage in such a short time-limit game. 

    There's nothing to stop Carlsen from physically banging out 2+ moves a second. They might not be the greatest moves ever played, but the first candidate move that pops into his head (and thus the move played) is going to be a master caliber move. Maybe a CM/FM level move instead of a super-GM move, but that just means Carlsen would be playing the same in a 30 second game as a master 600-700 ELO lower rated would play in a slow OTB game.

    Even if I'm being optimistic and he's really playing 1000 ELO lower (~1850) due to the time pressure, how do you figure a casual player like Gates with an effective playing strength around 1200 ELO is going to stay on the same board with him for 60 moves in 2 minutes? Barring a big blunder, there's no way. The idea of Carlsen being in any significant danger from such an opponent is rediculous when you think about it that way.

    The reason Carlsen resorted to a "cheep trick" is he just didn't want to work that hard - and against a 1200 he knew he really didn't need to. He just threw some pieces at the White king and figured it would all work out more-or-less the way it did.

  • hace 13 meses


    Bill just gave it to him in the end. And I imagine the whole thing was rigged from the start as I really don't think Bill woulda moved his Bishop in front of his pawn. He knows better than that. Anyway, this maneuver should forever be known as the Bill Gates Defense. (It doesn't work too well in anti-trust cases either) Just jokin' around now, Bill... I know you're the richest man in the world and could have me made and offed in a wink if you wanted. But, uh, I've got a few more things I need to tie up before I'm offed. Get back with me on that at a much later time...

  • hace 13 meses


    «Carlsen had to admit that he had to break one of his own principles, namely not to use cheap tricks to win.»

    Please:  Carlsen had to break one of the VERY BASIC RULES OF CHESS,  ( not one of hiw 'own' principles) namely, not to use cheap tricks to win.  

  • hace 13 meses


    Ouch !

  • hace 13 meses


    What a game!

     If only Bill Gates had opened the chess match using the Ruy Lopez, he could have won Magnus Carlsen as the Ruy Lopez is known to be a very drawish opening, and with the 30 seconds time limit placed on Carlsen, it will be difficult for Carlsen to work out a way to checkmate.

    What do you think?

  • hace 13 meses


    @evolutionrevolution: The problem isn't that there are super-rich people; it's that super-rich people tend to use their wealth and the power it brings in ways that are socially destructive. Yes, when MSFT went public in 1986 it created 3 billionaires and 12,000 millionaires. So what? What have they done for us lately? The large majority of the things billionaires do with their money do not create jobs. The reality is that 70% of the US economy is consumer spending, and there is only so much consuming anyone worth billions can do - even after you factor in the huge mansions, luxury yachts, and private jets - and the super-rich do not come close doing their share as far as improving the economy and creating prosperity for everyone.

    Except for consumption and money specifically reinvested in the economy by starting or expanding businesses (and buying and selling in the stock market doesn't really do that), the things billionaires do with their money do not create jobs. Speculation and arbitrage do not create jobs. Putting money into hedge funds does not create jobs. Buying government influence (funding campaigns, PACs, lobbyists, etc.) doesn't create jobs either - especially when the objective is to preserve their enormous wealth at the expense of the middle class (who are the source of most of the consumer spending and therefore the engine that really makes the economy go).

    The idea that the super-rich are economic superheroes is nonsense. For the most part they are just very rich people claiming privilege for jobs and/or economic growth they (or in many cases their ancestors) already created (sometimes generations ago). I don't begrudge them their wealth; I greatly begrudge them the damage they do in the preservation of that wealth. And ironically (in the long term), the super-rich don't benefit from their behavior either: they simply create instability that undermines the very wealth to which they cling.

  • hace 13 meses


    Kudos to Bill Gates.  He stood tall, played a game that moved very fast for anyone not experienced at it, and genuinely laughed graciously when he lost...

  • hace 13 meses


    Do you guys really think mankind would be better off today if Microsoft never existed?

  • hace 13 meses


    Through his entrepeneurship Bill Gates has made literally billions of people better off. He did not take money away from people - people gave it to him because he gave them something more valuable in return. Enough of the protocommunist stuff.

  • hace 13 meses


    Man, you guys are brainwashed.

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