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16th Unive Chess Tournament

  • SonofPearl
  • on 18/10/12 10:21.

Hikaru Nakamura London Grand Prix 2012 by Ray Morris-Hill 2.jpgThe 16th Unive Tournament will take place from 19 - 27 October in Hoogeveen, Netherlands.

The main event is the Crown Group, a 4-player double round robin featuring reigning US Champion Hikaru Nakamura (pictured), the #2 ranked junior Anish Giri, the women's world champion Hou Yifan, and the experienced campaigner Sergei Tiviakov.

There is also a strong 9-round Swiss Open (won last year by Sergei Tivakov) and two amateur events.

Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri will both be hoping for a strong result in Hoogeveen after sharing last place in the 2012 London Grand Prix

All rounds start at 14:00 local time (12:00 UTC), and the official website (in Dutch) will provide live coverage of the games at this page.

The tournament schedule

Date  Crown Group Swiss Open 
19-Oct-12 1st round 
20-Oct-12 2nd round 
21-Oct-12 1st round  3rd round 
22-Oct-12 2nd round  4th round 
23-Oct-12 3rd round  5th round 
24-Oct-12 Rest day 6th round 
25-Oct-12 4th round  7th round 
26-Oct-12 5th round  8th round 
27-Oct-12 6th round  9th round 

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  • hace 22 meses


    naka mura the best player in the world

  • hace 23 meses


    naka the best player in the worldSmile

  • hace 23 meses


    Nakamura won first round aganist Giri, so it proves he is at least regaining some form. Triviakov and Yifan drew.

  • hace 23 meses


    Hou Yifan should play more tournaments like this. Not with women but with top men like Polgar. If you want to rise you have to play better oponents.

  • hace 23 meses


    This is a chance for Naka to regroup, and a big opportunity for Giri.

  • hace 23 meses


    this is a great opportunity for Naka to bounce back, but go Yifan go!

  • hace 23 meses


    I would like to see Hou prove she can hang with the big dogs, as I am confident she can. But the favorite is of course Nakamura, and I do hope he returns to form so he can put on a winning preformance in this tournament.

  • hace 23 meses


    I hope Hou beats Nakamura

  • hace 23 meses


    U.S.A. baby!!! Naka, Naka, Naka!!!

  • hace 23 meses

    NM iFrancisco


    While someday there might be a women who can do that (Judit was easily the closest) it is highly unlikely to be her. She isn't even a top 200 player in the world and has more or less plateaued (+30 points in 4 years!)

    As for the tournament itself, it will be interesting to see how Naka responds after being so close to 2800 (live rating was 2792 I believe, after his Kramnik win in the Olympiad) and then crashing out of the Top 10 in the world. Could be an important tournament to try and regain some form.

  • hace 23 meses


    Go Naka! 

  • hace 23 meses


    Thanks for the news!

    I think Hou Yifan might be competing for (men's) World Championship one day - as well as Nakamura and Giri.

    Tiviakov is an interesting player. He plays Scandinavian The Dynamic 3...Qd6 quite a bit on a very high level.

  • hace 23 meses


    I hope Anish pounces at this oportunity, the competition is not too rough, here is his chance!

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