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The Animal group

  • International 
  • Creado: 04/03/2013
  • Welcome to The Animal group.This is a friendly group that cares for animal,s and the environment that they live in.We have match,s,group matches and other stuff,if you are of like mind ,then please join us.

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  • hi clive... lol.. supposed to get snow here this weekend! first time this year

    por Fossil83 hace 40 minutos

  • good luck buddy

    por scurly hace 101 minutos

  • Hi Scurly and all.London is fine today,it is still cloudy,but t]it is warmer and they say we will get some sunshine here tomorrow lol.

    por horsehead hace 3 horas

  • Hello from Greece, how is London doing today?

    por scurly hace 6 horas

  • I was not on earlier,as this site was doing some maintenance work.

    por horsehead hace 10 horas

  • A very good morning to all of the night owls in The Animal Group.

    por horsehead hace 10 horas

  • On a dark rainy and gray afternoon,here in London.

    por horsehead hace 27 horas

  • A very good day to all members of The Animal Group.

    por horsehead hace 27 horas

  • Hi Bill.

    por horsehead hace 30 horas

  • Noon greetings toall the Animal group. ;}

    por WillOM hace 35 horas

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