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    • A New Chess.com is Coming Soon!

      If you’ve been around the site for a while, you may have noticed Staff or other users talking about “V3.” Often you’ll see it used in a sentence like this one:We’ll get around to thinking about adding that [insert coo... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 24/04/2014
      • | 312 vistas
      • | 3 comentarios
    • Chess.com vs the Heartbleed Bug

      As many of you already know, a major security flaw (now commonly known as "Heartbleed") was found in a popular software library used by 1000s of popular websites, including Chess.com. After learning about the issue, our engineers quickly patched i... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 10/04/2014
      • | 4003 vistas
      • | 29 comentarios
    • Write Code? Love Chess? Check out our Developer Program!

      Chess.com is launching a new developer program for anyone who likes to tinker, write code, and build amazing things!Here is what we provide: Free hosting (with heroku and cloudflare) Domain names (we can purchase a unique domain for you, or y... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 15/01/2014
      • | 4559 vistas
      • | 22 comentarios
    • New 3D Boards & So Much More!

      Greetings, chess-lovers!Well... It's been a while since we made any major (well, obvious) enhancements to your favorite chess site, but today's updates make the wait worthwhile! There is SO much great new stuff to see today! Let's jump right ... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 19/10/2013
      • | 17826 vistas
      • | 103 comentarios
    • FREE Chess Mentor Courses!

      Here's some great news for chess improvers of all levels - and for anyone who's ever wanted to take Chess Mentor for an (extended) test drive! We have created a high-powered "curriculum" of 25 FREE Courses that any member may take to improve the... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 24/07/2013
      • | 95643 vistas
      • | 91 comentarios
    • Live Chess Changes! (2013-06-05)

      Greetings, chess-lovers!As you may have noticed, Live Chess was down for a while today. The good news is that we updated Live with some cool new changes we'd like to tell you about!♟ Clearer, cleaner post-game text in the Chat window enables you... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 05/06/2013
      • | 4064 vistas
      • | 33 comentarios
    • Chess.com now in German, Spanish, French, & Dutch!

      Today is a HUGE day for Chess.com! Our site is now available in German, Spanish, French, and Dutch! Hats off to the development team AND to all the members who volunteered as translators! Thank you so much!If you want to view the site in one of th... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 21/03/2013
      • | 2590 vistas
      • | 16 comentarios
    • An Important Change to our Blogs

      Greetings, all!Today, just a quick note to the bloggers among us (specifically those who are using Chess.com as a platform) with some news about a change we'll be making very soon.For various technology reasons, we need to get rid of the subdomain... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 30/01/2013
      • | 1959 vistas
      • | 13 comentarios
    • New iOS App in Store!

      Great news from the iOS team! We just pushed a long-awaited update of our app to the Store. It was a long time coming but we're super excited to finally have it done - and it's a HUGE update! Please note that iPhone 5 support is yet to come (but... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 15/01/2013
      • | 4533 vistas
      • | 40 comentarios
    • Season's Greetings, New Languages & Goodbye Meebo

      Happy Holidays, chess-lovers! We hope that 2012 is going out on a high note for you and your loved ones! We're certainly looking forward to great new things in 2013! In the meantime, there are a couple of news items we wanted to share with you. ... | Leer más

      • webmaster
      • | 27/12/2012
      • | 2801 vistas
      • | 32 comentarios