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My blogs may be back! Great instructive game ;)

So a BLOG! Its only a small one but I thought it would be a good opportnuity to get myself back into blogging mood and to see if I can get some more comments as I have had 3 people message me and say I should do my blogs and that they always read but never comment.

But I am asking now if their are any people out their who read my blogs but dont comment please comment on this one even if its hi or just to let me know you take an interest as its half the reason I did my blogs that it was helping others or giving entertainment.

Anyway I hve alot of backlog to catch up on in the following months if I get enough comments or messages about me blogging or not. I have won 3 tournaments since my last proper blog and come 2nd in 6 I think lol. So I will post up all my games from my 1st and 2nd place tournaments. Plus any games of interest I will also maybe blog up as I play in many games outside of tournaments ie this one.

So onto this game it was a League game at my Chess club in which a loss would have destroyed my title hopes. I was top of the league before this game but my opponent had won 5 out of 5 before this and has been playing in higher sections than me in recent tournaments and been doing great. Hes also higher rated than me hes English rating is 125 which is 1650 fide. I am 118 which is 1594. But out actual fide ratings are miles apart. I am 1443 and he is 1634 so a big boost to my fide rating as I also did quite well in a u1600 tournament in Brighton and earned 23.1 pts  ;)

The only other thing to say about this game was we had played twice before but in rapid and bliz. I played him nearly 7 months ago in rapid and I was black and won but he beat me a few weeks ago in a blitz game where I was white and we played this opening  ;)  So I was expecting it again and I knew he played a very weakening a6 move early on and I knew it was very slow and easy to take advantage of ;)

Its a great game for instructive purposes and I showed it to my students the following day and they all enjoyed it and I think they undertood the importance once again of developing pieces and getting activity ;)  Enjoy and please comment!  ;)

So a nice win and as I said in annotation he was devastated but played like he was going to win not matter what. So that made it all the more enjoyable as I dont feel he gave me much respect. Most limpish hand shake of all time also which is something I detest also but their you go. Please comment and give your views. I feel this was 99% accurately played game so dont think I will get many poor move comments but would be interesting to hear views on this opening and views on my good moves ;) Thanks.

Heres a link btw to the league table after this game ;) 



  • hace 2 años


    Thanks mate, I will once my PC is back working. Only my laptop at the mo. :(

  • hace 2 años


    This is a great game, keep up the awesome blogs!  Comments are great on the moves!

  • hace 3 años


    i tryied viewing your blogs but for some reason it wouldnt so i thought i should try today and it worked

    i hope you keep on doing your blogs because they are amazing. 

  • hace 3 años


    You tryed to get on what yesterday? And I been so busy last few days and only got pc back on so will be doing a few blogs soon  ;)

  • hace 3 años


    i tryed getting on this yesterday but would not let me so i decided to try today and it worked(:

    i always enjoy reading your blogs, i find them very instructive

               keep up the good work

  • hace 3 años


    Thanks chessmaster, your comment may of pushed me into some more blogs as I said to myself if I get 4 I will do some more, expect some over next few weeks ;)

  • hace 3 años


    I do also like your blogs but never comment not quite sure why myselfSealed

  • hace 3 años


    Instructive game.  Thanks!

  • hace 3 años


    Thanks for showing this!

  • hace 3 años


    That's a crazy game lol sure he's not 25 ECF and not 125 lol Laughing - you make it look easy, so that's not saying your opponent's rubbish it's actually a compliament if you read between the lines Wink

    You actually played a load of the same moves I would have played once you were in the middlegame, the game was won after 10...g5?? because he can never castle - his LSB is locked in by his pawns lol so a 0-0-0 is impossible due to the number of moves it would take.

    So even though he gained time on your bishop his plan was all wrong, black needs to get castled as early as possible and get safe against the Smith-Morra you know that better than me but he should have seen what he needed to do as he plays 1.e4 himself you said.

    Deffo some good prophylactic moves in the game - rather than pawn-snatching, restricting his own play instead is so much more powerful! Cool

    Good to see you clocking up another upset keep 'em coming!

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