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  • II° Grand Prix: Seconda Tappa a Timoline di Cortefranca

    Ospitata dalle colline della Franciacorta, si è svolta a Timoline di Cortefranca la seconda tappa del II° Grand Prix Bresciano. In una soleggiata domenica di ottobre ben 52 scacchisti, 36 negli adulti e 16 tra gli juniores, hanno partecipato all... | Leer más

  • 実戦解説:クイーンサイドアタック

    皆さんこんにちは! 自分は最近某チェスサイトで流れてくる試合をよく見ているのですが、その中で一つ、面白い試合があったので、それを紹介したいと思います。 この試合のテー... | Leer más

  • Sealed With A Kiss

    Though we’ve gotta say goodbye for the summer Darling I promise you this  I'll send you all my love Everyday in a letter sealed with a kiss Yes it's gonna be a cold lonely summer But I'll fill the emptiness  I'll send you all my dreams  Eve... | Leer más

  • Puzzles!

    This a blog where I will regularly post puzzles. So if you like to think, stay tuned constantly! I'll try to make 2-3 per day. Puzzle 1 (Difficulty: 3): | Leer más

  • Board 1, Syston 3 v Wigston 4, 28/10/14

    All moves in 80 minutes. I started well, then his f5 freed his position.  I looked long and hard at lines starting with Qd5+, but could only see lines that looked complex; Houdini tells me that playing it on move 19 would have won the piece ou... | Leer más

  • my rules

    be nice dont swear say hello :)(: yolo hahahaha | Leer más

  • Principiante: Mates básicos

    Alguien apenas iniciado en el ajedrez sabe mover las piezas y los movimientos especiales, pero a la hora de dar mate no sabe que hacer. Aquí se presentarán los mates más basicos, el mate con dos torres, el mate con dama y el mate con una torre.... | Leer más

    • luk358
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 61 vistas
    • | 1 comentario
  • Game vs. Kaminisod

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  • Fischer Fever

    The most riveting world chess championship ever by far was when Fischer won the title in 1972. First, the rules were bent to accommodate him in the inter-zonals, because he had not participated in the zonal championships.  Next, he won the last ... | Leer más

  • BTCL Round 2

    Hey everybody! Here are the schools that will be paired against each other this Saturday at 12 pm Central on live chess, we hope that chess.com will be done with their labeling so that the games will be able to be viewed this time! The first tea... | Leer más

    • BigTenChess
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 256 vistas
    • | 4 comentarios

    Snake is a special combination of a knight, bishop and a Queen. The source of power of this special tactic is sacrifice. You can set traps,pin and skewer to minimized the movement of your opponent. Other suggestion is to attack early as possibl... | Leer más

  • Amateur thoughts

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    • tjajab
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 69 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • Staying tactically sharp

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    • NM linlaoda
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 440 vistas
    • | 5 comentarios
  • AI Factory Chess Free Level 11 撃破!!

    AI FactoryのChess FreeのLevel 11を倒しました!! (^o^)/ { やったね!! ) 実を言うと、一回「待った」をしました。 なので、本当は「負け」です・・・。(しかも、今まで10回くらい挑戦して全敗... | Leer más

  • Thoughts....

    Well, it's been forever since I blogged last, and now is better than later, but like they say, better late than never! Right now there is just a ton of stuff runnin through my mind, and you know how sometimes you feel better after writin' stuff d... | Leer más

  • My 10/25/2014 Tournament Games

    Hi all  Here's my analysis from my latest OTB tourney. All the games were G/70 with a 5-second delay.  After each move I recorded how many minutes were left on a player's clock and have included this in the games, so that's what the numbers ar... | Leer más

    • SJFG
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 97 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • ChessTV: Flashback to a Hack Attack October 6, 2014

      Catch all the shows on ChessTV! | Leer más

    • zealandzen
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 349 vistas
    • | 8 comentarios
  • Win in 6

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    • Guerau
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 83 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • Tashkent GP 2014 Round 7

    Analysis of today's games where Gelfand probably feels like Capablanca (but not in a good sense) and Karjakin winning a good Sicilian against computer-obsessed Giri. See the detailed comments here: http://www.alexcolovic.com/2014/10/tashkent-gp-... | Leer más

  • Analysis of Game Against Andrew Paulley - 28/10/2014

    This game was played at lunchtime today with my friend, Andrew. He previously had an almost-mating attack, which I had averted barely. At this point, it doesn't look like I can do much to get out of this really dangerous position, and time is runn... | Leer más

    • tmminzart
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 90 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • not finishing

    What do you do when an opponent will not finish..14 days per turn..has no chance to win and won't move just to spite you? He makes millions of other moves with 20 games a day but not this one!! | Leer más

    • aglaroth
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 105 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • My 3rd FIDE rated tournament series

    The tournament is a below 1600  and in my next round i met a lower rated player in my next round and my final round of my first day i got lost to a lower rated opponent terribly   in my 4th round played with another rated player and i won o... | Leer más

  • Training programme to reach 2200

    As I wrote in my previous post, my goal is to reach a 2200 rating within 3 years from now. Before facing the challenge head-on, answering the following question seems important to me: What does it take to be a 2200 player? Of course 2200 players ... | Leer más

    • Littlewave2
    • | 28/10/2014
    • | 170 vistas
    • | 3 comentarios
  • Evan BYRNE in Gorey Guardian...

    Evan BYRNE savours Munster win - Gorey Guardian 28 Oct. 2014 Evan BYRNE travelled to Limerick last weekend to take part in the 1st. under 13 open of the season, the Badminton Munster Open. Evan BYRNE went all the way in the singles, defeating  ... | Leer más

  • Great tactic

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