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  • My Most Longest Winning Streak In Live Blitz

    My most longest streak in blitz chess was this one in which I won 6 games in a row! Actually, all those games, I played with my friend, who is as good as me in chess. And I beat him six times! So that's why my blitz rating is over 1200. But I hate... | Leer más

  • "I will repeat...": Sinquefield Cup R1

    And it happened again... After one "horror show" tournament in the Grand Chess Tour, the second one is off to a similar start as Magnus Carlsen lost to Veselin Topalov yet again, though luckily not on time -- he resigned as he was down by one mino... | Leer más

    • smith8800
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 163 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • MIssion Impossible Rogue Nation

    Who loved the new Mission Impossible! | Leer más

    • chesspro73
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 132 vistas
    • | 1 comentario
  • Do's and Don'ts

    Dont make moves when you have the flu! | Leer más

    • Malis1959
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 128 vistas
    • | 1 comentario
  • Vancouver Open: How I lost 80 rating points

    Vancouver Open was an epic fail for me. I came in with hopes of winning it, as I was seeded 6th with a rating of 1671. However, it went horribly. I managed to win my first game, but even that was lucky. In my second game, I played horribly and go... | Leer más

  • Simul video by International Master Attia Turzo

    I played a simul on 23.08.2015 on the chess.com Live server and recorded my comments when I played. I enjoyed the games. I got into a little time trouble and played a few interesting endgames. I hope you also liked the games. If you would like... | Leer más

  • Chess Mentor & its explanation

    Hi,  Its no doubt that chess mentor is really a helpful tool of chess.com. I have learnt a lot from this wonderful tool. But sometimes questions arise in my mind when i read through its explanation.   Yesterday i was trying this problem (See ... | Leer más

    • Nibir2
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 154 vistas
    • | 7 comentarios
  • Chess Structures in Practice - The Hedgehog

    I write this blog in order to expand upon the ideas presented in my book Chess Structures - a Grandmaster Guide, published this year by Quality Chess. I follow the games of the elite on a daily basis, often looking for new instructive examples and... | Leer más

  • Manhattan Open U1900

    | Leer más

  • Final call! 10 seats booked, 10 seats are available in the simul.

    10 seats booked, 10 seats are available. The following players reserved their seats:  1.  staattinen  2.  JohanWassermann  3.  SirLau6halot  4.  quantumlee  5.  Dahlioz  6.  rustyj  7.  Leetforce  8.  Mdnss  9.  TheEngl... | Leer más

  • 2 big blunders and I still win?

    Just played a game where I made 2 huge blunders and still somehow managed to win the game. It's an inspiration cuz I was thinking about resigning. Positive message of the day: Never give up😉 | Leer más

  • Mate in 1 [3+3] (part 3)

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. | Leer más

    • YegorDB
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 92 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • pawn breaks + two connected passed pawns

    in the spirite of Philidor :D sorry for my bad english | Leer más

    • danie33
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 136 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • QUAD 45|45 Tourney #2 (1600 - 1799) Ronde 5

    | Leer más

    • Possador
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 101 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • それは高確率で「ソフト指し」

    あまり批判的なブログは書きたくないので今まで書かなかったのですが、今日 Live Chess で2回も同一人物の「ソフト指し」に出会ったので (イラっときたので) 書くことにします。皆さ... | Leer más

  • Faith

     Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.   | Leer más

    • redbug7523
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 106 vistas
    • | 1 comentario
  • Trying out - Sicilian Kan

    Recently, I have been looking for more aggressive openings to play, I feel I have been playing solid positional lines for quite some time now, and the lack of aggression was starting to hurt.  My coach, IM Attila Turzo, had recommended the Sicili... | Leer más

    • jminkler
    • | 23/08/2015
    • | 159 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • Me and Hmm...

    The second post… For, not from, this moment, me as Christopher Chandra have a brother named Louis Richard Chandra, the one who had slain me as I wrote in my first post... and Jason Sebastian Husdin, the 1st Winner of the 7th grade Chess Competi... | Leer más

  • دروغ نشنیده

    دو زن با هم حرف می‌زدند. ناگهان یکی از آن دو که بی‌وقفه حرف می‌زد و تقریباً اجازه حرف زدن به دیگری نمی‌داد، گفت: «و حالا باید برات بگم که... | Leer más

  • Free Master Simul with live commentary! Today! Join now!

    Hi everyone, I'm happy to invite you at my simul today(23 August), all can play (if you are new to chess, if you are expert, no problem! we play just for fun!) and it's completely free. I can play 30 games at the same time, so is important tha... | Leer más

  • Simul 1.0!

    Hello everyone, I am going to hold my first simul. Each ticket to play  costs 5 USD. If you want analysis in depth of your game, it costs 20 USD.   When?: Friday August 28th -- 8:00 AM EST     Where?: Chess.com Live Chess Place(Is there ... | Leer más


    | Leer más

    • kumarrishav
    • | 22/08/2015
    • | 266 vistas
    • | 0 comentarios
  • LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #320: Caro-Kann Defense w/ 2. Ne2

    This is a blitz chess game I played as black with time control 3|2. The opening was the Caro-Kann Defense with 2. Ne2. Typically the Caro-Kann leads us towards positional waters, however this game turns super sharp in short order. An emphasis in s... | Leer más

  • Beautiful Yellowstone

    It feels like forever since I last posted here on chess.com. My wife, kids and I are close to the end of a week-long vacation in Yellowstone National Park and for the most part, I have had no internet access. Normally a week without internet would... | Leer más

    • PaulEChess
    • | 22/08/2015
    • | 661 vistas
    • | 12 comentarios
  • Intuition vs. Calculation

    Today chess computers are so good that humans emulate to play like them. Computers are known for their cold hearted ability to brute-force calculate every line, many moves deep. Unfortunately, humans cannot even come close to the computer's abilit... | Leer más