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  • Checkmating the Lone King

    Understanding basic mating techniques is critical to winning games early on in one's chess career. A material advantage that carries on into the endgame will require the chess player to have a good understanding of mating with King and Queen or Ki... | Leer más

  • Arch Bishops Play LA Vibe Tonight!

    Hi everyone, Tonight we play the LA Vibe.  We are huge favorites on boards 1-2 and about even on board 3, and big underdogs on the last board. Most likely, we will win 2.5-1.5. The Vibe can no longer make the playoffs, and our team is hampered ... | Leer más

  • Braying for blood

    When you're a kid playing chess in Australia, you hear these stories about this magical, mystical place called 'Europe'. A place where some people's houses are older than the first Australian colonies, where soccer is actually considered a real sp... | Leer más

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